World Capitals and Their Rivers

How are you doing on your knowledge of rivers that flow through world capitals? On Jeopardy!, some capital city rivers are much more likely to show up than others. Here, we have divided this list of rivers that run through world capitals by 10 or more clues, and 10 or less. The lists are not in order of how many clues each one got. They are in alphabetical order by the river’s name, and some clues may not have mentioned capitals so you might want to learn a lot more about the rivers that come up the most.

10 or more clues:

  • Congo – Kinshasa (DRC), Brazzaville (Rep. of Congo)
  • Danube – Vienna (Austria), Bratislava (Slovakia), Budapest (Hungary), Belgrade (Serbia)
  • Dnieper – Kyiv (Ukraine)
  • Mekong – Vientiane (Laos), Phnom Penh (Cambodia)
  • Nile – Cairo (Egypt), Khartoum (Sudan)
  • Rio de la Plata – Buenos Aires (Argentina), Montevideo (Uruguay)
  • Seine – Paris (France)
  • Tagus – Lisbon (Portugal)
  • Thames – London (U.K)
  • Tigris – Baghdad (Iraq)
  • Vistula – Warsaw (Poland)

10 or less clues:

  • Aare – Bern (Switzerland)
  • Amstel – Amsterdam (Netherlands)
  • Bagmati – Kathmandu (Nepal)
  • Barada – Damascus (Syria)
  • Buriganga – Dhaka (Bangladesh)
  • Chao Phraya – Bangkok (Thailand)
  • Chirchik – Tashkent (Uzbekistan)
  • Elliðaár – Reykjavik (Iceland)
  • Han – Seoul (South Korea)
  • Klang & Gombak – Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
  • Liwung – Jakarta (Indonesia)
  • Manzanares – Madrid (Spain)
  • Mapocho – Santiago (Chile)
  • Mesurado – Monrovia (Liberia)
  • Moskva – Moscow (Russia)
  • Ottawa – Ottawa (Canada)
  • Pasig – Manila (Philippines)
  • Red – Hanoi (Vietnam)
  • Rímac – Lima (Peru)
  • Sava – Belgrade (Serbia), Llubjana (Slovenia), Zagreb (Croatia)
  • Spree – Berlin (Germany)
  • Taedong – Pyongyang (North Korea)
  • Ubangi – Bangui (Central African Republic)
  • Vltava – Prague (Czech Republic)
  • Yamuna – New Delhi (India)
  • Yongding & Chaobai – Beijing (China)
  • Zenne (or Senne) – Brussel (Belgium)

It’s a little surprising that there’s never been a clue on the Ubangi River and its capital city in an Anagrams category, but it’s an easy way to remember Bangui’s river. In any event, remember that they can ask anything about a river, not just the capital city it runs through. They can ask about other cities it flows through or by, bridges, tributaries, etc.

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