Clue Watch: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Now that The Rock has been named “The Sexiest Man Alive” for 2016 by People Magazine, we’re gonna have to put him on clue watch.

The Rock was a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show last week, when she had the honor of unveiling the cover of People to her audience, we suppose, unless he really didn’t already know. We don’t know how People goes about that.

In any event, we’ll probably have to wait a while before we see another “PEOPLE’S SEXIEST MAN ALIVE” alive category on Jeopardy! They just had one in the September 27, 2016 match:

$200: In 2015 this Brit scored the winning goal as the first athlete to be chosen
$400: All right, all right, all right; for the 20th anniversary celebration in 2005, he was the Sexiest Man Alive
$600: Sadly, this first non-entertainer to be named died in a 1999 plane crash
$800: In 1993 with Cindy Crawford, he was half of the Sexiest Couple Alive; 6 years later, he was the Sexiest Man
$1000: 2012 was a big year for him: “21 Jump Street”, “Magic Mike” & Sexiest Man Alive
Answers show

But that doesn’t mean he won’t turn up in a different category. The first clue Dwayne was ever in was a category called CELEBRITIES’ ORIGINAL NAMES:
3/4/2004 ($1000) Wrestler turned actor Dwayne Johnson

The last one was in the category “CELEBS ON TWITTER”
3/20/2015 ($200) @TheRock is this WWE star-turned-actor

Wow, huh? Over the course of time, Dwayne’s clue value decreased substantially. He probably doesn’t even know that is one of the pitfalls of fame.

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