Spoiler Talk: CotD (Tues)

Let’s have a look at the NY Times Clue of the Day for Tuesday’s game. This clue may be today’s Final Jeopardy BEFORE the game airs. You can talk about it– how hard or easy you think it is, for instance — and you can make a prediction on how many players will get it right.

If you don’t want to read comments about the answer to the clue, READ NO FURTHER. If you do want to talk about it, then click on the link below to see the clue, and fire away!

Clue of the Day

FYI, we don’t reveal the answer outright. You can hint at it if you want and it is okay to give possible wrong answers.

11-word Alert: Our comments show up on the homepage sidebar, so prefacing any hint with a 11 non-hint words is the best practice.

Any comments with the actual answer will be deleted. All comments and predictions on the CotD posts are deleted after about a week, so be fearless!

Tuesday Sporcle Challenge: All you have to do is remember what decade the event occurred in and type a 6 or 7. You get plenty of time, too.

Today’s Quote: The best inheritance a parent can give his children is a few minutes of his time each day. ~ Orlando Aloysius Battista

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6 Responses

  1. Nell says:

    Thanks everyone for the congrats on my first correct prediction. I’ll have to mark the date on my calendar.

    Today’s clue is ridiculously easy, even if you didn’t know the mansion was for sale last year. Even if you don’t remember the tv show, you might remember the 1990s era movie of the same name,

    Still and all, I’m not confident they’ll all get it. I’m going with 2 out of 3.

  2. VJ says:

    Yes, congrats to JLane and Nell. Nice going! Rhonda and I were just talking about this show on here when that Keep On Dancing video was up with the old TV shows. “well, the first thing you know, ol’ Jed’s a millionaire” I gotta go with 3 outta 3 too.

    Max Baer Jr. is the only one still kicking. He just turned 80 on 12/4 (same birthday as my daughter)

    • rhonda says:

      Yes, VJ, isn’t that so funny that we were just talking about this show the other week? I didn’t realize that Ellie Mae isn’t around anymore.

      • VJ says:

        yeah, Rhonda, that was a few years ago. I guess we never think of some of these actors being as old as they really are. One of the things it says on Donna Douglas’ IMDB bio page is that the series made its debut on her 30th birthday.

        I’m wondering if the category title saying “Homes” instead of “Shows” will make the players want to bet less.

  3. Jlane says:

    First things first – thank you, Sir Jacob, for the recognition of yours truly striking lucky gold, yet again, with a correct prediction.
    Now, back to the business at hand – This is SOOO easy! What other sitcom from the 60s had a mansion in CA? “Petticoat Junction”, “Green Acres”, “The Andy Griffith Show”…?! Geez!
    Unless someone truly over thinks this and tosses out an “Addams Family” or “The Munsters”, I’m calling for the oft elusive clean sweep… 3 for 3!
    (If the mansion in Bel-Air is selling for $350M, I wonder what the old shack in Bugtussle is worth?!?)

  4. Jacob Ska says:

    This is a tricky clue to predict how the contestants might respond. Will they try to focus first on the 1960s tv show or on the recent headlines? The headlines were on all of the business channels & other media outlets…big news.

    I don’t see this as a generation gap clue because the news was so recent. I’ll predict 2 correct. Speaking of predictions a big congratulations to Jlane and Nell. Good call yesterday.

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