Spoiler Talk: CotD (Tues)

Let’s have a look at the NY Times Clue of the Day for Tuesday’s game. This clue may be today’s Final Jeopardy BEFORE the game airs. You can talk about it– how hard or easy you think it is, for instance — and you can make a prediction on how many players will get it right.

If you don’t want to read comments about the answer to the clue, READ NO FURTHER. If you do want to talk about it, then click on the link below to see the clue, and fire away!

Clue of the Day

FYI, we don’t reveal the answer outright. You can hint at it if you want and it is okay to give possible wrong answers.

11-word Alert: Our comments show up on the homepage sidebar, so prefacing any hint with a 11 non-hint words is the best practice.

Any comments with the actual answer will be deleted. All comments and predictions on the CotD posts are deleted after about a week, so be fearless!

Tuesday Sporcle Challenge: Here’s an American History quiz in which everyone’s last name begins with L, so you can probably name a few before you even open it ;)

Today’s Quote: My favorite food from my homeland is Guinness. My second choice in Guinness. My third choice – would have to be Guinness. ~ Peter O’Toole

December 12th Birthdays Happy Birthday, Connie Francis

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