Supporting Cast of Chinese Algebra: Ray Donovan

Here are some of the actors who appeared in “Chinese Algebra” (9-11-2016), Episode 11 of Ray Donovan’s Season 4. The episode recap is here.

Jake Hoffman as Jack Raleigh in Ray Donovan

Jack Raleigh put Mickey’s picture on instagram under the hashtag #MCM (Man Crush Monday)

Jake Hoffmann played Jack Raleigh, the high roller Mickey beat at ping pong in order to get him to place the $2 million bet on Hector Campos to lose the Whittaker fight in the 6th round. Jack had some pretty funny lines, mostly about Mickey’s age, like “What can I do for you, nearly departed.” Jake is the son of Dustin Hoffman, Jon Voight’s co-star in “Midnight Cowboy” (1968)

T. Lynn Eanes as Sugar in Ray Donovan

Mickey met Sugar on the Stripper Flight to Vegas

T. Lynn Eanes played Sugar, the part-time stripper who introduced Mickey to Jack. Sugar had a good line too: “I’d do almost anything for ten grand.” That’s what Mickey offered to pay her for the introduction. When she said that Mickey said she was his kind of girl.

Anoush NeVart as Avi's mother in Ray Donovan

Ray Donovan protected Avi’s mother from finding out what happened to her son

Anoush Nevart played Avi’s mother. We haven’t seen her since she was watching American Idol with Avi and Lena back in the premiere of Season 2. In this episode, she called Ray worried that Avi still had not come home or even called her. Ray said it was his fault. He had to send Avi to Nicaragua for a few days and the satellite phone wouldn’t work right. “He won’t like it there,” Mrs. Rudin said, “Stray dogs and communists. No kosher food.”

Johnny Williams as Fat Ernie in Ray Donovan

Fat Ernie didn’t know the Grim Reaper was on the way at this point

Johnny Williams played Fat Ernie, the Las Vegas bookie that Lena called a piece of sh-t. He obviously had prior dealings with Ray because he knew all about Ray’s lack of personality. Fat Ernie died in the restroom at his office before Mickey could get there so he won’t be having any more dealings with the Donovans or anyone else.

More notes:

  • Terry Donovan had a dizzy spell after listening to Daryll’s lament that he’s not getting what he deserves. He’s supposed to take that cop, Maureen Doherty, to the pre-fight party so we are expecting to see her in the finale.
  • Dmitri Sokolov is so greedy, he went along with the payoff by fixed fight idea, and Ray may think he has Hector by the short ones, but Hector is such an unstable character. We’re not too sure he’s gonna throw the fight.
  • Sonia Kovitzky may have spilled a lot of beans but has she ever actually seen Dmitri Sokolov murder someone? Ray Donovan has.
  • On the day the episode aired, it said on IMDB that Caitlin O’Connor played Nurse Richardson. Someone took that info down because the role wasn’t listed in the credits.
    Caitlin O'Connor as Nurse Richardson in Ray Donovan

    Nurse Richardson brings Jack Raleigh his “medication”

Main Cast:
Liev Schreiber – Ray Donovan
Paula Malcomson – Abby Donovan
Eddie Marsan – Terry Donovan
Dash Mihok – Bunchy Donovan
Steven Bauer – Avi
Katherine Moennig – Lena
Pooch Hall – Daryll
Jon Voight – Mickey Donovan

Also in Chinese Algebra
Embeth Davidtz – Sonia Kovitzky
Ismael Cruz Cordova – Hector Campos
Raymond J. Barry – Dmitri Sokolov
Michael McGrady – Frank Barnes
Alyssa Diaz – Teresa Donovan
Paula Jai Parker – Sylvie Starr
Tom Wright – Punch
Dominique Columbus – Damon
Rob Locke – Pieter
David Agranov – Yuri
Konstantin Lavysh – Meir
Leelee Park – Kimmie
Benjamin Benitez – Lead Detective
Jeff Ash – Cop
Lauren Sivan – Reporter
Jason C. Brown – Roman

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