Spoiler Talk: CotD (Wed)

It’s time for a look at the NY Times Clue of the Day for Wednesday’s game. This clue may be today’s Final Jeopardy. If you know it (or even if you don’t), you can take a guess at how many will get it right BEFORE the game airs.

If you don’t want to read comments about the answer to the clue, READ NO FURTHER. If you do want to talk about it, then click on the link below to see the clue, and fire away!

Clue of the Day

FYI, we don’t reveal the answer outright but hint at it. It is okay to give possible wrong answers.

11-word Alert: Our comments show up on the homepage sidebar, so prefacing any hint with a 11 non-hint words is the best practice.

All comments and predictions on the CotD posts are deleted after about a week, so be fearless!

A whole row: This was the $2000 row in the last round of the match played on 10/10/2013.

AMERICAN ISLANDS: At 1 square mile, Santa Barbara Island is the smallest in this group off the southern California coast
PLAY BALL MUSIC: In the song “1976” indie supergroup The Baseball Project paid homage to this pitcher named “The Bird”
ON A MISSION: The missions aboard this transport were designated STS-1 through STS-135
SOUTHERN BOOKSTORE: Carson McCullers told this tale of a 12-year-old taking an overly active role in her older brother’s pending nuptials
I’M GOING INTO LABOR: Nurses, doormen, bus drivers & many other who do work for others belong to this union of 2.1 million members
ONE LETTER ONLY: Ford introduced this model in December 1927 show

Today’s Quote: Conversation would be vastly improved by the constant use of four simple words: I do not know. ~ Andre Maurois

October 18th birthdays

Game recaps and other Jeopardy related posts

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4 Responses

  1. JLane says:

    @VJ – Hey there girl…after re-reading this, I fear I gave too much info for those who don’t like “spoilers” and want to be surprised. Feel free to delete the entry if you deem it best. I think you know me well enough by now, I will NOT be offended if you choose to do that. (And please accept my apologies for the inconvenience…)

    • VJ says:

      It passes muster fine, JLane :) It’s only if an actual word that will be in the FJ response shows up in the comment feed or one that sounds so much like it, it might as will be it. I know it’s a bit of an inconvenience to have to count the 11 words and I’m sorry about it but it’s the price we have to pay. I’ve never been able to find a way to shorten the length of the comment feed, and even if I did, I would still have the (shorter) warning , or just not have the feed, and I like seeing the little emojis on the sidebar. Thanks for saying you wouldn’t be offended. I do think I know you well enough now to know that, but I appreciate that.

      I just went and showed my upper left arm to my daughter, who is too young to have had this vax, and asked her if I still have the scar from mine. I do. She never had the measles thanks to advances but she did have the chicken one and has a little scar from that. Her kids won’t have either.

      • JLane says:

        Cool! I’m glad that I didn’t break any rules. I can be, and have been, accused of a lot things over the years, many of them less-than-flattering, but one thing I try to avoid being is a “troublemaker”! ;-)
        Yup, medical science has come a long, long way over the years, which is a wonderful thing for all of us, but especially our yung’ins (that’s Southern for “children”). We all want to see our babies and grand-babies happy & healthy!
        As a bizarre BTW- While reading your entry, it just dawned on me that I’m unsure if I ever had the chicken “one” or the measles. I’m guessing I probably did, but I really don’t know… LOL

  2. JLane says:

    Hmmm…I think I got this! The man doing the experimenting was Edward Jenner, and it was the first step in eradicating a disease that was a BIG (or should I say “small”?!) medical issue that was killing millions of people worldwide. Thanks to Jenner’s work on a vaccine to attempt to rid the Earth of this not-so small infectious and deadly illness, in 1980 a proclamation was made that the mission was accomplished!

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