Final Jeopardy: European Novelists

The Final Jeopardy question (7/16/2015), in the category “European Novelists” was:

Alfred Dreyfus was among the thousands who marched through the streets of Paris in his 1902 funeral procession.

2-day champ Ben Hemmens has won $43,200 so far. Today he takes on these two players: Christianne Gadd, from Bethlehem, PA; and Jennifer Morrow, from New York, NY.

Round 1: Jennifer found the Jeopardy! round Daily Double in “History, Old & New” under the $800 clue. She was in second place with $3,200, $1,000 less than Ben’s lead. She made it a true Daily Double and she was RIGHT.

In effect the last battle of the Wars of the Roses was on this field on August 22, 1485. show

Jennifer finished in the lead with $6,800. Ben was second with $6,200 and Christianne was last with $800.

Round 2: Christianne found the first Daily Double in “She Married a Veep” under the $1,200 clue on the third pick of the round. She got the first two clues right and was still in third place, but she now had $2,000, $4,800 less than Jennifer’s lead. She made it a true Daily Double and she was RIGHT.

Jill Jacobs show

Jennifer found the last Daily Double in “‘V’3” under the $1,600 clue. In the lead with $12,400, she had $4,800 more than Christianne in second place. She bet $2,112 and she was RIGHT.

The ancient Romans may have used the fragrant flowers of this plant to bathe with, hence its name.
Daily Double 7-16-15

Jennifer finished in the lead with $18,912. Christianne was next with $9,600 and Ben was in third place with $9,000.

TWO of the contestants got Final Jeopardy! right.


“The sudden death of Emile Zola– who suffocated under poorly-explained circumstances on the night of 28 September 1902– stunned the Dreyfusards, and above all Captain Dreyfus. His Carnets mention the ‘terrifying news’, and the request by Zola’s widow that he not attend the funeral. Finally, after keeping vigil over Zola’s body in the hours preceding the burial, the captain joined the front rows of the funeral cortege. The next day, L’Aurore described him walking ‘in the midst of the people of Paris, towards the radiant rehabilitation that is his due, and that is as necessary for France as for himself.'” (Zola: A Moment of Human Conscience)

Ben got it right. He bet his whole $9,000 and finished with $18,000.

Christianne thought it was Victor Hugo (he died in 1885). She bet and lost it all.

Jennifer also got it right. She bet $288 so she won the game with $19,200 and she is the new champ.

Jennifer is an editorial assistant. During the chat, she displayed her good luck charm: a pair of drumsticks. Not just any drumsticks– she got them from Neil Peart of Rush at a concert after she displayed a banner announcing that she might be on Jeopardy! She is a big fan of Rush and he is a big fan of Jeopardy!

2 years ago:: NONE of the players got this FJ in “Pulitzer-Prize Winning Novels”

Its first line is “A green hunting cap squeezed on the top of the fleshy balloon of a head”. show

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54 Responses

  1. Peter says:

    Thank goodness she has gone. We can watch the show again

    • Anita Mule says:

      I couldn’t wait for her to get off! She turned my stomach. More annoying than Ken Jennings!

  2. Diane says:

    I have vowed not to watch Jeopardy again until St. Vitus Dance woman is gone.
    Fingers crossed that today is the day!

    • cellochic says:

      Here, here! I have never missed a Jeopardy when I have been home but just can’t stand the woman and tonight I may only have a peak now and again in the hopes that she is beaten. My fingers (and toes) are also crossed!

      • Diane says:

        cellochic, if you are brave enough to have a look (and no judgement here if you can’t stomach it) would you please post and let me know if it’s safe to watch again tomorrow?
        *sigh* I miss Jeopardy.

        • Julie says:

          OK folks! it is safe to watch again. I was this close to turning it off–my favorite show!!

        • cellochic says:

          Hallelujah! She’s gone!
          Just couldn’t bring myself to watch her again, but checked in at final jeopardy.
          This has been the weirdest thing….that I would actually not watch Jeopardy because of a contestant; there have been a few odd ducks, but she really was unbearable. I can smile again :)

        • Anita Mule says:

          Thank God she is gone!!

        • Diane says:

          Thank goodness! Now I can once again look forward to watching my favorite show.
          I’ve certainly learned my lesson.
          I will never post anything again on Facebook’s Jeopardy page.
          There are a lot of sick tickets over there. I got raked over the coals for daring to state I didn’t like Jennifer and even a couple of very nasty private messages.
          I’m surprised and disappointed. I would have thought Jeopardy fans wouldn’t stoop to trolling.

  3. VJ says:

    I thought Jennifer’s drumstick story was not only unique, but very cool. Besides the ‘who would think of doing that’ aspect, everyone found out that the drummer of Rush is a big fan of Jeopardy! (@Tom, her story was not made up — Rush congratulated her on Twitter).

    That is, of course, good publicity for Jeopardy! so why wouldn’t Trebek encourage her?

    Anyone remember Elliot Yates’ chat stories from back in January? I found them so entertaining I made a youtube of them and Elliot favorited the tweet about it.

    Elliot was very upbeat and energetic like Jennifer and the reaction to him was far more positive. I don’t really get this overly negative reaction to Jennifer.

    • Tom Clark says:

      I never thought it was made up. It was so dumb, it had to be true. What I don’t get is how people in 2015 can honestly believe that pieces of wood can bring you luck — that you wouldn’t have won otherwise.

      If that’s true, could someone explain to me how it works, because, boy, could I use some good luck charms!

      • VJ says:

        Oh, sorry. It was disgusted who wouldn’t have been surprised if it was made up.

      • Eric S says:

        I believe in belief: maybe by believing that she was lucky to have them, she believed luck (some may call it a charm) was on her side, or they just made her feel better and that feeling helped her preform better. I have no doubt that a neuroscientist, or perhaps a Wiccan, could explain it better than I.

  4. MeridianMan says:

    Jennifer, intelligent but vain and insecure, can stand as an archetype of America, a representative public American, in 2015. She’s undoubtedly a success, whatever her current profession, and will soon rise to the top in another career in politics, media, or entertainment. Jennifer can take her pick — and get her way — whatever she chooses to do. Nevertheless, she’s shameless, classless, charmless, and graceless — that is, a bully, precisely the personality that will go far in American society today. Disappointingly, Alex showcased her ostentatious manner, though Jennifer calls enough attention to herself, thank you very much. Had I been Alex, I would have ignored Jennifer’s histrionics and treated her as though she were any other contestant. But I’m sure that before the taping the aggressive Jennifer conferred with the Jeopardy! staff to make sure that wouldn’t happen. Long ago it astonished me that anyone — any decent American — could find such boorish behavior entertaining or delightful. I now expect it. It’s common — in both senses of the word. What’s especially sad is that, obviously, Jennifer needn’t behave in this crass way. Let your learning speak for itself, Jennifer. But I don’t suppose you and millions like you care to listen to anyone, do you?

    • Tom Clark says:

      From Googling around a little, it seems we’re in the majority with our opinion of this character.

      But what do we expect? Judge Judy is paid something like $50,000,000 a year now to be rude and obnoxious. All you need is about 10% of the population getting a kick out of obnoxious behavior, and you’re a winner. It doesn’t matter what the other 90% think. Look at Donald Trump.

    • cellochic says:

      Well put! And shame on Alex Trebeck for encouraging it!

  5. Eric S says:

    I truly wish, as I have many times before, that William were here.
    Neil Peart is way more than likely the greatest percussionist in rock music. Ever.
    Good luck Jennifer! Either march to your own beat or Neil’s.

    • disgusted says:

      It isn’t her own beat though. People have acted silly at inappropriate times before. The only time splattering paint on a canvas and calling it art mattered was the first time it was done. She’s not unique, she’s just annoying.

      However, I agree with your stance on Neil Peart.

      • Eric S says:

        Lol. My stance, at least partially, is that Peart’s contributions are unique : not only because he is unique,  but also because of his interest in different people.

  6. Tom Clark says:

    OK, people, we need to have a meeting here. Someone told me there was a major error in a clue today.

    In the one about the Edsel, did they refer to G.M. General Manager Richard Krafve predicting it would be a big success? (G.M. standing for General Motors.)

    Edsel, of course, was from Ford, named after Henry Ford’s only son.

    Or is this person mixed up, because the initials of General Manager are also G.M. and maybe that’s what was in the clue?

    Anyone remember?

    • jacob ska says:

      @Tom, I saw the game and can never forget that ugly Ford Edsel. The clue read as follows: “In 1957 Ford G.M. (General Manager) Richard Krafve said that this new model would exceed sales expectations; it failed miserably.”

      The clue writers just abbreviated General Manager. it had nothing to do with General Motors. I hope this helps.

      • jacob ska says:

        Btw, the parentheses are mine they were not in the clue on the board.

      • Tom Clark says:

        Yes, that’s exactly what I needed to know, and thank you very much.

        Now I need to convince the person who thought there was a mistake, and he’s quite stubborn. But I’ll try.

  7. disgusted says:

    I find it absolutely appalling that people seem to think they’re on Jeopardy to ham it up. Nobody in this world is unique or interesting, so, shut up and play. The board wasn’t finished because Jennifer is too full of herself to behave with humility and dignity. I would not be shocked even in the slightest if she made up her drumstick’s origins just so that she can appear “quirky.” Imagine Jennings dancing around like an imbecile. An absolutely shameful display, I won’t be watching until I hear that she’s knocked out of the show. I would rather cut off my left pinky than see her in the ToC.

    • Tom Clark says:

      Except for that last line, I agree 100%.

      And it saddens me that it’s 2015, and people still pretend that inanimate objects can bring them “luck,” whatever that is.

      She won because she knew stuff, not because she had two sticks of meaningless wood jammed in her pocket.

      • disgusted says:

        The ToC is as important to my family as the Baseball Hall of Fame is to baseball fans. Imagine going to the Baseball Hall of Fame and the newest inductee is BoBo the Clown. Sure he may have played good ball, but it’s an embarrassment to the entire establishment.

        It doesn’t matter how much you know in this world, nobody will ever take you seriously if you can’t take yourself seriously.

        Don’t get me wrong: unless her hamming was an intentional tactic, she played a good, honest, game. Hopefully tomorrow sees somebody willing to jump around the board a bit more.

        • Tom Clark says:

          Well, I just meant I wouldn’t cut off my pinky. Believe me, I don’t want to see that screwball on the ToC.

    • Eric S says:

      “Nobody in this world is unique or interesting “? Please tell me that you don’t really believe that.
      Wow. No wonder you’re disgusted.

      • disgusted says:

        Yes, I do believe that. I would get into detail about the belief, but that would be assuming that the belief is unique enough to warrant interest. Which, it isn’t. It’s been around since Ecclesiastes.

        • Tom Clark says:

          I know what you mean. I’ve been thinking about it a lot recently.

          We’re taught to think we’re very special. This universe is unimaginably huge, with probably quadrillions of intelligent creatures in it, and yet people think whatever superadvanced intelligence created it loves to “talk” to them and tell them what to do, up to and including cutting off other peoples’ heads.

          That’s the tragedy of homo sapiens. We all need MUCH more humility. I’m a total nothing, but I’ve learned to live with it.

        • Eric S says:

          Tom, I’m not saying that either of your arguments are without merit. I am saying, however, that a snowflake is (purportedly) unique and that crystalline structures are interesting, but yes, in the end, they all melt.

    • cellochic says:

      I absolutely agree 100%. Was hoping that Lawrence….or anybody for that matter… …..would beat her and we wouldn’t have to tolerate her any longer. I also feel
      like skipping my favorite show until she’s gone.
      Unbelievably annoying!!!

  8. wr says:

    Jennifer may be the most annoying contestant ever. She shouldn’t skip her medication. There’s something very wrong with her.

    • Tom Clark says:

      She’s a nut.

      Also a showoff. Notice the way she uses her entire arm to ring the buzzer. It’s her way of saying, “Someone may beat me to it, but LOOK, I know this!”

  9. E Manning says:

    Jennifer was annoying as all hell.

    • Cece says:

      I agree.

      • Tom Clark says:

        I’ll third the motion. I don’t like it when contestants think they need to entertain us. All that time wasted, and I’d have loved to have known what the final clue in “You Don’t Know What You’re Talking About” was.

        Notice to Jeopardy producers: Most of us watch the show for the game, not for the contestants. I don’t care about her lucky drumsticks.

    • Not a fan says:

      Agree will not watch tomorrow because of her

      • Tom Clark says:

        Same here. I shouldn’t, but I feel embarrassment when someone makes a fool of him or herself on television.

    • Steve says:

      She was absolutely obnoxious. I’m also annoyed with Alex for encouraging her nonsense. He’s too far along in his excellent career for cheap tricks. Hope she loses tonight.

  10. Marilyn Ahrenhoerster says:

    If Christianne had been right, it would have been a tie and we could have seen our first tiebreaker.

  11. aaaa says:

    Jennifer bet for the tie which would have happened if Christianna got it right, The 2112 DD bet is a reference to an early Rush album. Alex probably is a little bit familiar with Rush as they are, well, Canadian

    • Tom Clark says:

      Even better, light those lucky drumsticks of hers. The sooner she loses, the sooner I can go back to watching the show again.

  12. jacob ska says:

    VJ, congrats on your “spot on” accurate prediction.

    Enjoyed watching Jennifer play. She was a very good contestant. Jeopardy needs more like her. Congratulations to Jennifer.

    • VJ says:

      Thanks, Jacob. Down here, the program was delayed for a message from Obama so I missed the part of the game before the chat. Luckily, the J! round DD was after that

      • jacob ska says:

        Wow! You missed Jennifer dancing when she was introduced. Alex commented that she was auditioning for “Dancing with the stars.” :)

        • VJ says:

          I did get a glimpse of it though on the commercial before the show. It’s a safe bet that it will be on youtube soon if it’s not already.

    • Bee man says:

      That lil gal is very knowledgeable and has a unique and entertaining type of personality. I’m guessing that the cry – babies that are complaining about her must be CONFORMIST robots? Congratulations to her. Hopefully she will have a hot 30 day streak and the BUSH – BABIES won’t be able to watch the game! lol

      • Julie says:

        yep they practically gave away final jeopardy tonight and she blew it. So knowledgeable, eh?