Empire: A Couple of Shoes Gonna Drop

In “More than Kin” (Empire S2 E15), Anika Calhoun nearly had a miscarriage or something. (If they told what really was wrong with her, we missed it.) Fortunately, Cookie was just about to pay her a visit and provided enough support to get her through the ambulance ride.

Cookie to the rescue

“Anika, I need you to relax,” Cookie said, “You’re stressing the baby.” Hard to believe that some people saw this as an act of kindness toward Anika. Cookie’s real concern was her future grandson. Even if Cookie can forgive Anika for shtupping Lucious and Hakeem, wait till she finds out that Anika pushed Rhonda down the stairs. That’s right, Cookie, she killed Andre’s baby.

Mrs. Calhoun, Anika’s indignant mother

Anika’s mother didn’t seem to know that Hakeem just learned that her daughter was pregnant. She wasn’t even going to let Hakeem see Anika in the hospital. Cookie told her to give her son a chance since he was trying to do the right thing. “Your family isn’t exactly known for doing the right thing,” Mrs. Calhoun huffed. You’ll be eating those words when your daughter is on trial, Mrs. Calhoun.

Laura and Hakeem engaged again

Laura broke up with Hakeem after finding out about Anika’s pregnancy and gave him back his engagement ring. Later, she showed up in Anika’s hospital room after getting a call from Lucious, telling her that Hakeem was becoming a man he respects. Laura will probably end up taking care of the baby when Anika goes to jail. No, we’re not going to say “or dies in childbirth” like Lucious threatened last week. Lucious’ cup of sins overfloweth enough already. Please don’t add that!

“Cookie says jump. You ask how high.”

It’s hard to tell whether Harper Scott was planning to spill the beans about Leah Walker being alive all along or if she just dumped that bombshell on Andre because she struck out with Lucious after insulting Cookie. But she turned up with the photos so fast… is Thirsty in cahoots with her?

While we’re waiting for the return of Leah Walker and the revelation of Anika’s crime, let’s not forget about Freda Gatz. That could be the biggest kick in the head.

Jamal and Michael together again.”

The only happy hope to come out of this episode was the possible reunion of Michael and Jamal.

Here is Ta’Rhonda Jones with Jake Hamilton in this week’s B Side with more tidbits from “More than Kin.” We totally agree with Jake: the way Lucious said “I got your back” to Cookie was super-creepy!

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