Empire: Who is Buried in Leah Walker’s Grave

We can’t answer that right now, but we’ve got some quotes from the new developments in “Time Shall Unfold” (Empire S2 E14) right here.

“Your hair’s so pretty. Your mom comb it for you today?”

That’s what Thirsty said right before he plucked a strand of hair right out of little Lola’s head so he could run a DNA test to prove that Jamal is not her father.

“Who’s the father?” … “It’s Hakeem.”

Anika got morning sickness while Andre and Rhonda were discussing how they could mend their broken relationship. That was just too convenient! She played that one like a pro: oh, I cannot tell you after you just lost your baby (to self: because I pushed Rhonda down the stairs). But she told them anyway and they all went to tell the Lyon family. When she turned down the hefty settlement Lucious offered, she got this warning: “Pregnant women have been known to die in childbirth.”

“You killed her father.”

Cookie reminded Lucious that she has a very good reason for not wanting Freda Gatz around her precious baby boys. Lucious, of course, denied any culpability in the demise of Frank Gathers but it will come out sooner or later. The only question is who will it destroy?

“Know one thing, old man: I ain’t never bowing down to you.”

After Lucious arranged to hijack the Antony and Cleopatra line, Hakeem told Lucious that if the goods weren’t returned, he would go to the police with the security footage.

“The police found drugs and confiscated everything.”

Right then, he got a call from Laura informing him that all their equipment was impounded. Hakeem confronted Lucious: “Dude You planted drugs on my trucks?”

“What if I did?” his father coolly replied. “It’s just a simple boss move. I mean, any simple half-assed CEO should know how to clap back.”

“You’re so like the lady with the mystic smile”

Thirsty went to New Hope, PA, to deliver an envelope for Leah Walker. Lucious’ mother is not only alive, everything is fine and dandy, if you don’t count the flashbacks she is having — pushing her son’s head under water, similar to the flashbacks Lucious always has. But wait a minute…

I’m really in New Hope.

Before that happened, Lucious took Dre to visit his grandmother’s grave.

Let’s see if Ta’Rhonda Jones can shed any light on this turn of events in this week’s B Side.

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