Beat Shazam Recap: August 24, 2017

The 12th episode of Beat Shazam aired on 8/24/2017 with host Jamie Foxx and DJ October Gonzalez. Three new teams are on hand, ready to battle it out for that million dollar chance. There were only 4 songs in each round this time around.

Here are the teams with the nicknames we gave them.

  • Creole Cousins: Danielle and Brittani, two cousins from Los Angeles, California, who are the life of the party
  • DoubleAnt: Anthony and Anthony, two wedding deejays from Philadelphia, Pa.
  • Queens: Nicole and Ruth from Queens, New York City. (When they talked to Jamie, they said “Queens in the house”)

If you have not seen this episode and still plan to, STOP READING.
The correct responses and scores after each song are in this recap.

Round 1 – Today’s Hits
First 3 are worth $1000 each. The last one (Fast Track) is worth $2000.
1. “Scars to Your Beautiful” (Alessia Cara)
Creole Cousins $1000 DoubleAnt $0 Queens $0
Danielle and Brittani were the only ones to get it right
2. “It Ain’t Me” (Kygo Ft. Selena Gomez)
Creole Cousins $1000 DoubleAnt $0 Queens $0
They were all wrong with “Who’s Waking Up”
3. “Never Be Like You” (Flume Ft. Kai)
Creole Cousins $2000 DoubleAnt $0 Queens $0
Danielle and Brittani were the only ones to get it. Everyone else chose “I Made a Mistake”
4. (Fast Track) “Paris” (The Chainsmokers)
Creole Cousins $2000 DoubleAnt $0 Queens $2000
This was between DoubleAnt at 1.62 and the Queens at 1.49. ‘Nuff said.

Round 2: Lionel Richie – The Queens were really feeling this category.
First 3: $2000 each. Fast Track: $4000
1. “All Night Long (All Night)”
Creole Cousins $2000 DoubleAnt $2000 Queens $2000
The Anthonys got their first hit and made it a 3-way tie.
2. “Hello”
Creole Cousins $2000 DoubleAnt $4000 Queens $2000
DoubleAnt scores again. They got it in .87 seconds. That’s got to be a record.
3. “Dancing on the Ceiling”
Creole Cousins $2000 DoubleAnt $4000 Queens $4000
The Queens were .05 faster than DoubleAnt on this one
4. (Fast Track) “Say You, Say Me”
Creole Cousins $2000 DoubleAnt $4000 Queens $8000
The Queens were a whole second faster than the Cousins this time

Round 3: Boy Bands – DoubleAnt flipped out over this one. Anthony 1 hollered out “It’s gonna be me!”
First 3: $3000 each. Fast Track: $6000. Third place goes home at end of round.
1. “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” (Backstreet Boys)
Creole Cousins $2000 DoubleAnt $7000 Queens $8,000
Everyone got it right but DoubleAnt came in under 2 seconds
2. “What Makes You Beautiful” (One Direction)
Creole Cousins $5000 DoubleAnt $7000 Queens $8,000
The Creole Cousins beat everyone else, locking it in at 1.24.
3. “ABC” (Jackson 5)
Creole Cousins $5000 DoubleAnt $10,000 Queens $8,000
The Anthonys were the only one to get this right. All the ladies had “I Want You Back”
4. (Fast Track) “Bye Bye Bye” (‘NSYNC)
Creole Cousins $11,000 DoubleAnt $10,000 Queens $8,000
Weren’t you surprised when Jamie said they all locked in different answers?! The Cousins were the only ones to get this.

Danielle and Brittany leap-frogged into the lead and that meant it was “bye bye bye” for Ruth and Nicole. They had a great time and loved it when Jamie called them “Thelma and Louise” for cutting in the line at the Studio 54 closing.

Round 4: Canadians
First 3: $5000 each. Fast Track: $10,000
1. “What Do You Mean” (Justin Bieber)
Creole Cousins $11,000 DoubleAnt $15,000
The Anthonys took the lead back
2. “American Woman” (The Guess Who)
Creole Cousins $16,000 DoubleAnt $15,000
The ladies are back in the lead!
3. “Can’t Feel My Face” (The Weeknd)
Creole Cousins $21,000 DoubleAnt $15,000
The ladies are on a roll
4. (Fast Track) “One Week” (Barenaked Ladies)
DoubleAnt $25,000 Creole Cousins $21,000
The Anthonys came back strong to finish this round in the lead

It’s neck and neck as we go into the next round.

Round 5: Movie Soundtracks
First 3: $10,000 Fast Track: $20,000. Second place goes home with half their money.
1. “9 to 5” (Dolly Parton) – “9 to 5” (1980)
Creole Cousins $31,000 DoubleAnt $25,000
The Cousins had the only right answer
2. “See You Again” (Wiz Khalifa Ft. Charlie Puth) “Furious 7” (2015)
Creole Cousins $41,000 DoubleAnt $25,000
The Cousins were over a second faster on the draw.
3. “Unchained Melody” (The Righteous Brothers) – “Ghost” (1990)
Creole Cousins $51,000 DoubleAnt $25,000
DoubleAnt got the wrong title. They can’t catch the Cousins now
4. (Fast Track) “Hit the Road, Jack” (Ray Charles) – “Ray” (2004)
DoubleAnt $45,000 Creole Cousins $51,000

DoubleAnt almost doubled their money with that last one. That meant their take-home pay came to $22,500, and it was on to the Million Dollar Round for the Creole Cousins.

One Million Beat Shazam Round – 6 songs
First 5: $25,000 each. They only get a shot at the million if they get all 5 right. There are no more multiple choice screens and they have to know the song’s exact title before Shazam to be right.
1. Whitney Houston: “I’m Every Woman” $76,000
2. Alternative: “Pumped Up Kicks” (Foster the People) – $101,000
3. ’80s: “Bette Davis Eyes” (Kim Carnes) – Shazam got it first so now that shot at the million is gone
4. Hip Hop: “Ms. Jackson” (Outkast) $126,000 – They got it!
5. Made in the U.K.: “Everybody Have Fun Tonight” (Wang Chung) – They missed this one, so they finished with $101,000

So that was 3 out of 5 right for an additional $75K. Now they had to make the big choice: Take home $126,000 home or try doubling it to $252,000. If they don’t beat Shazam, they will only get $63,000. The Final Category was Disco. Jamie told them to think it over and we went to commercial. Danielle was convinced that Brittani would know the song, but Brittani felt like she was being thrown into the lion’s den. Meanwhile her husband was motioning for them to call it quits in the audience. Brittani also felt that the songs were getting tougher. So they decided to play it safe and take what they had. They played the last round “for fun.” Here is “Turn the Beat Around”, Vicki Sue Robinson’s 1976 monster disco hit. Brittani beat Shazam right away and, as Jamie said, she wasn’t even trying.

Brittani’s husband was still cool with the decision. Danielle wants to take a trip with her brother to Finland to see the magical Northern Lights. Brittani plans to do some things around her house and then welcome a little bundle of joy into it. Congrats, ladies!

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