Teachers Tournament Rerun: 9-8-17 Final No. 2

Today’s Jeopardy match originally aired on May 19, 2017. It was the last match of the 2017 Teachers Tournament. The players were: David Clemmons, Nan Cohen and Mary Parker.


The FJ category today is “U.S. Cities.” Here’s a look back at the Final Jeopardy! clues from the final match of the last 5 Teachers Tournaments:

5-13-2016 20TH CENTURY PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES: He was awarded a DFC in WWII for a combat mission as pilot of the B-24 bomber he named the “Dakota Queen”

2-13-2015 HISTORIC NAMES ON THE MAP: Nothing is known of his early life in England before 1600 or of the end of his life in North America after June 22, 1611

11-22-2013 COUNTRY NAMES: In England in 1933, Choudhry Rahmat Ali coined this name, a country that wouldn’t be formed until 14 years later

11-20-2012 THE U.S. CONSTITUTION: Found in Article 3, Section 3, & requiring the testimony of 2 witnesses to prove, it’s the only crime defined in the Constitution

2-28-2012 THE 1960s: On nominating this man in 1967, LBJ said “It is the right thing to do, the right time to do it, the right man & the right place”

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