Final Jeopardy: Historic Names on the Map

The Final Jeopardy question (2/13/2015), in the category “Historic Names on the Map” was:

Nothing is known of his early life in England before 1600 or of the end of his life in North America after June 22, 1611.

The end of the 2015 Teachers Tournament has arrived at last and Jennifer Giles finished in the lead yesterday with $22,400; Cathy Farrell, wasn’t far behind with $18,600. Adam Elkana-Hale finished with $3,000.

The scores they achieve after Final Jeopardy! today will be added to those amounts to determine the tournament champion.

Round 1: Cathy found the Jeopardy! round Daily Double before the first break in “What’s in a Name” under the $800 clue. She was in second place with $1,200, half as much as Adam’s lead. She made it a true Daily Double and she was RIGHT.

Now used for boys as well as girls, this poetic name is from the Welsh for “son of the sea”.  show

Jennifer finished in the lead with $5,200. Adam was second with $4,400 and Cathy was last with $1,800.

Round 2: Cathy found the first Daily Double in “Science” under the $1,600 clue. She was in third place with $3,000, $2,600 less than Adam’s lead. She went for another true Daily Double and she was RIGHT.

Constructed around 1500 by a German explorer, the “erdapfel” or “earth apple”, is the world oldest one of these. show

Jennifer found the last Daily Double in “North by Northwest” under the $800 clue. In the lead with $12,800, she had $2,400 more than Cathy in second place. She bet $2,000 and guessed NYU. That was WRONG.

of Central Park: this university founded in 1754. show

Jennifer finished in the lead with $14,400. Adam was next with $10,400 and Cathy was in third place with $9,600.

NONE of the contestants got Final Jeopardy! right.


In the early 1600s, Henry Hudson “sailed northeast in search for a passage across the North Pole to Asia, then west in search of a passage through North America to the Indies. He explored Hudson Bay, the Hudson River as far as West Point, south to the entrance of the Chesapeake Bay. On his fourth voyage, marooned and left to die with his young son and seven others by a mutinous crew, Hudson was never heard from again.” (The Mariners Museum)

Cathy wrote down Rolf, presumably John Rolfe, husband of Pocahontas. She lost everything she had today. That left her with the same $18,600 she had at the end of yesterday’s game.

Adam wrote down Roanoke, the name of a tribe not an explorer. He lost $10,000, leaving him $400 to add to yesterday’s score. He finished with $3,400.

Jennifer came up with Raleigh, who lost his head in England in 1618. She lost $8,000 and ended up with $6,400 to add to yesterday. That gave Jennifer $28,800 and she won the grand prize of $100,000.


Cathy won the second place prize: $50,000 and Adam won third place: $25,000. Stay tuned for the return of the regular games on Monday and 2x champion, Karen Ash.

2 years ago:: ALL of the players got this FJ in “World Capitals”

Alphabetically, Zagreb is the last world capital; this capital of a former Soviet republic is second to last. show

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23 Responses

  1. Tony says:

    I was surprise that Alex said looking good for Cathy when Adam missed and lost 10,000 Jennifer could not be caught at that point.

    • VJ says:

      I believe Alex can see their answers before they are revealed on those screens because he often says stuff that makes you think, how does he know?.

    • john blahuta says:

      jennifer COULD be caught. it was not a runaway, even after adam struck out. pls see my post below.

      • john blahuta says:

        jennifer would have needed 1.001 more for a runaway from the get go, never mind adam.

      • elijahjt says:

        Alex said things were looking good for Cathy after her and Adam’s answers were revealed.

        However, Cathy had a two-day total of $18,600 and Adam had a two-day total of $3,400. Jennifer already had $22,400 from the day before, so even if she lost everything from today, she’d still be the winner.

  2. Cece says:

    Congrats to Jennifer!

    One frosty pint of cerveja brasileira for John and one for Jacob. Congrats to you both on your prediction. :)

  3. john blahuta says:

    well, jennifer was only 1k (1,001 to be exact) shy of a runaway, if my math is correct.cathy could have gone to 19.200 today plus yesterday’s 18.600= 37.800.
    jennifer had 14.400 today, plus yesterday’s 22.400 = 36.800 without any wager in fj today, so i am surprised she wagered 8K,i guess they don’t give them a calculator since all she needed was 1.001,be right and then cathy’s wager would not have mattered.cathy on the other hand : 18.600 yesterday, 9.600 today =28.200. in order to beat jennifers possible 36.800(had j. stayed put today) cathy had to wager at least was so close that had cathy missed one of her 2 DDs or jennifer got her DD right, it would have been a cathy’s deficit from yesterday 3.800 +4.800 behind today=8.600 plus she lost 1.600 more in today’s fj resulted in a difference of 10.200 which looks comfy but it was REALLY close.could have gone by a hair either way.even adam had a chance. with a correct answer today and wagering everything his max would have been 23.800 and he would have had more than the ladies had yesterday. had they struck out today and wagered everything they had and adam had been right: voila!(a lot of “had”,” and” “would”, i know. but stranger things have happened. obviously none of the 3 was familiar with all the efforts to discover a, no, THE northwest passage. the answers were not even close.

    so…so much for the easiest clue for the entire tournament (steve) and the too optimistic expectations. i was too optimistic as well when predicting ONE right answer.
    i pretty much figured that there were way too many options for the 20 seconds you have to get it and the 10 you have to write it down, but i was hoping that at least one would have read about the attempts to discovering the northwest passage. well, i struck out too.
    imo, BECAUSE of the too many options a guess would have been a one in a 100 (or more) you had to know it.
    BUT: congratulations to jennifer and i will sip my white russian and cerveja brasileira..:):)
    anyway: back to business as usual on monday and in the meantime:
    (not in terms of j but not having to go to work on monday :):) ).

  4. elijahjt says:

    I’m not terribly shocked that this was a triple stumper. It seems like others (perhaps VJ?) may have been taught about the fate of Hudson, and thought this was extremely easy, but maybe that’s a regional thing. I was not aware of his fate, and had to go solely based on the category. Luckily, “Hudson Bay” was front in center in a macro view of a map of North America. I’m a little surprised names like Roanoke and Raleigh came up because use of “North America” in the clue (perhaps unintentionally) had me looking away from the present-day U.S., which made it easier.

    One thing I am surprised about, though, is the fact that there were two geography-related FJs in the tournament final. I feel they should have mixed it up more.

    • jacob ska says:

      Elijah, I agree the clue writers should have mixed up the topics. Two rivers back to back was weird.

      Plus if you read my comments today’s clue was easy for me as a native Manhattan guy. Don’t live there now though but still on east coast.

      Today’s fj imo was a wide open field if the year did not ring a bell about the event. I could get why two of the responses came up–Raleigh, NC and Roanoke, VA.

      Don’t know of anything on the map named Rolfe. There might be though.

      There was nothing in the fj clue specific except the year imo.

    • VJ says:

      yes, Elijah, I did think the clue was easy but I was not taught in school what happened to Hudson (that was Jacob). I learned it from my grandfather (he was from Vermont).

      The clue just said English explorer to me with map in the category title and the time period. I never even considered settlers. But if it had occurred to me, I would have said no anyway. Settlers named things after where they came from and monarchs etc.

      And yes, it probably is regional. I am from the northeast, too, like Jacob. I grew up very much aware of Hudson’s impact on the map. Not just the river, not just the bay. Henry Hudson Bridge, streets, schools, etc. named after him. New Jersey has a Hudson County and as a result, there are tons of things in North Jersey bearing his name, the county courthouse, newspapers, etc.

      PS – I also learned something about Sir Walter Raleigh from my grandfather, who smoked a pipe. LINK.

  5. VJ says:

    idk, Jacob, I would have wrote down doober doober before Raleigh or Rolfe. I know what happened to them.

    But, yes, congratulations to Jennifer and to you and John on your correct bets that she would win. White Russians coming up!

  6. jacob ska says:

    As anticipated the final Jeopardy clue could go in so many directions: land, city, state, water, etc.

    Congratulations Jennifer.

    • jacob ska says:

      Also, congrats to Cathy and Adam. Adam you were a good sport today. No one can ask for more than that.

      Three stumpers that surprised me:
      1) Ben Hur author? Lew Wallace
      2) Military rank? Technical Segeant – Air Force
      3) Location in relation to Central Park? Columbia University.

      Must admit I did have a home court advantage with the latter two. But always thought Columbia University was the most well-known college to people outside of NYC. Guess I was wrong.

      FJ? Life and mystery of Henry Hudson’s death was taught to us in elementary school and beyond. 1611 and H. H. were embedded in our brains. Plus looking at the Hudson River every day growing up did not allow us to forget either.

      • VJ says:

        How about Augie March? Jennifer said Horatio Hornblower so Cathy figured if it’s not him, then it must be Horatio Alger.

        Alex: We’re talking about Saul Bellow here.