Teachers Tournament Rerun: 9-1-17 Quarterfinal No. 5

Today’s Jeopardy match originally aired on May 12, 2017. It was the last quarterfinal match of the 2017 Teachers Tournament. The players were: Holly Cannon, Susannah York and Dennis McDonald.


There’s a list of clues over here from this match. The FJ category was Place Names, a fairly frequent category, although sometimes it is restricted to a specific geographical area as in the first set of clues below. The $1200 clue in both of these sets was a Daily Double that is on the game recap:

U.S. PLACE NAMES (6/1/2017) (A big runaway game for Joe Nguyen)
$400: This state capital was named for the fourth president of the United States
$800: This birthplace of FDR wasn’t named for the place in London but for a colonial governor of New York
$1600: The name of this Pennsylvania borough is from Algonquian for “town of gnats”, not groundhogs
$2000: Twin cities on the border of the “Lone Star State” & the “Natural State” share this name

Answers: show

PLACE NAMES 5/21/2015 (When Andrew Haringer lost to Choyon Manjrekar)
$400: Mountains named for this color include Weissenstein, Dent-Blanche & Pizzo Bianco
$800: 8 U.S. counties are named for this tribe, including one in Oklahoma, where they were relocated in the 1830s
$1600: This Southeast Asian island nation was named for a 16th century Spanish king
$2000: This largest New Zealand city is named for a First Lord of the Admiralty, not a diving bird

Answers: show

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2 Responses

  1. Cece says:

    Hey, VJ, I’m glad you’ve been posting everyday, letting us all know you’re OK. Hope you and your family are also not affected by the fires that are erupting at the chemical plant now. It’s one thing after another and I’m very sorry for all you Texans are going through; it’s devastating. Hang tight—it will be over sooner than later.

    Anyway, y’all brave people try to have as nice a Holiday weekend as possible. Cheers! :)

    • VJ says:

      Thanks, Cece. I actually forgot this was a holiday weekend. Hope you have a happy one. I don’t know what is going on with those chemical fires (truthfully, it’s so scary, I don’t want to know), but I don’t think they are near here.

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