Final Jeopardy: 4-6-15 to 4-10-15

Here are the Final Jeopardy questions and answers for the week of April 6th with links to the full recaps.

Mon, Apr 6 – Correct answers: 1
The lobby of this landmark has an art deco ceiling fresco by Edward Trumbull called “Transport and Human Endeavor”. show

Tue, Apr 7 – Correct answers: 2
He won a Grammy in 1959, she won 3 in the 1970s and a song by both was 1991′s song & record of the year. show

Wed, Apr 8 – Correct answers: 1
One of the bard’s few plays with children on stage is this one with 2 brothers who last appear alive in Act III, Scene I. show

Thurs, Apr 9 – Correct answers: 2
Now in its fourth edition, the book with this title first appeared in 1918 as a 43-page guide for Cornell English students. show

Fri, Apr 10 – Correct answers: 1
The subtitle of a biography about this early 20th century man is “the Saint Who Sinned”. show

This week we didn’t see any triple solves in FJ but we didn’t see any triple stumpers either. We did see something we haven’t seen in a looo-oooo-ng time — a 6x champion!

Jeopardy champs, S31 Week of 4-6-15

Champ Round-up: Kerry Greene returned on Monday with three games under her belt and won three more. She was defeated on Thursday by Chris Hurt and he lost to Alex Jacob on Friday.

Remember the Friday (4/3/15) game where Tom Imler’s “age of consent” response went viral for all the wrong reasons? Tom gave an exclusive interview to the NY Daily News and said that it is utterly ridiculous that he was called a “perv” and a “pedophile” because he was thrown by the common law reference in the clue. Initially upset by the inappropriate ridicule and false characterization, Tom decided not to let “trolls” ruin his Jeopardy! experience. Awfully nice of the Daily News to look deeper into it — well, not really. Their original story called “contestant’s answer about teens creeps out the Internet” ran on April 7th, only 3 days earlier than their exclusive with Tom! A bunch of media outlets around the world picked up the story. And it won’t be a big surprise if a bunch pick up Tom’s Daily News article too. It’s all about the page views.

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