Teachers Tournament Rerun: 8-31-17 Quarterfinal No. 4

Today’s Jeopardy match originally aired on May 11, 2017. It was the fourth quarterfinal match of the 2017 Teachers Tournament. The players were: Michael Camp, Nan Cohen and Lindsey Henry.


There’s a list of clues over here from this match. The FJ category was Foreign Words & Phrases and a month later, the category came back in the 6/12/2017 match, with these clues:

$400: In Norwegian this holiday greeting is god jul
$800: Your girlfriend will be ecstatic if you send her a billet-doux or “sweet note”, this alliterative item
$1200: If you don’t take something too literally, you take it “cum grano salis”, or this
$1600: Brahms’ 4th symphony begins in this lively tempo “non troppo”, Italian for “don’t go overboard”
$2000: Once the title of the Japanese emperor, it means “honorable gate”


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