No Prison Stripes for Howard K. Stern

Howard K. Stern, attorney and former boyfriend of the late Anna Nicole Smith may get off with probation instead of being sent to the pokey. Stern and psychiatrist Kristine Eroshevich, were convicted of using false names to help keep the former Playboy and Guess Jeans model supplied with way more prescription drugs than any one human should be allowed to take.

Prosecutors are recommending that these two ___________ (insert noun that you think these two are – we’re leaning towards something a little stronger than dirtbags) should get probation, pay a fine and do some community service.

Their idea of a stiff fine is $5,000. The probation should be about 5 years and the community service somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 hours. They could have gotten 3 years in jail.

We guess they’re not even going to lose their professional licenses, but who would hire Howard K. Stern anyway?


Judge Robert Perry didn’t even fine or put Howard K. Stern on probation! He threw the jury verdict out!!! The judge said that there was no evidence Stern intended to break the law by using false names to obtain drug prescriptions for Anna Nicole!

We can’t stop with the exclamation points! because what is this?!!!? Howard K. Stern is a lawyer — an officer of the court — and knew damn well he was breaking the law! We suppose he didn’t intend to exploit Anna Nicole with that disgusting clown video (“this footage is worth money”) or latch onto her estate even after she died, claiming to be her baby, Dannielynn’s daddy when he knew damn well he wasn’t.

The judge also dismissed the verdicts against Dr. Eroshevich, reducing one conviction to a misdemeanor and giving her a fine of $100 and a short time on probation.

Extraordinary — but no doubt a reflection on the perception of Anna Nicole as low class and sleazy. You can bet Dr. Conrad Murray is not going to be so lucky in his trial for more or less the same stuff with sensationally popular music icon, Michael Jackson.

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  1. DD says:

    People who lied under oath in order to put Howard in prison will have to pay for their wrongdoings. Howard has loving family and girlfriend, he’s not alone. Howard, stay strong! We all know Anna Nicole was a high-end prostitute who abused her friends to get what she wanted. She gave her son drugs and he died. She was pure trash.