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Local newspapers often interview people who are about to appear on Jeopardy! before they do, and sometimes, they go talk to them after their show aired. Here are some links to recent Jeopardy! items and local articles:

Jeopardy! players from all seasons got together to make this fantastic Get Well Soon video for Alex Trebek. “It was so nice to see the good wishes from so many of our former contestants,” Alex responded, “Watching the video overwhelmed me, as did all the thoughts and nice words that so many of our fans have posted.”

Central talked to Gilbert Collins about everything– from his early tryout for a Teen Tournament, to his category weaknesess, to whether his kids are getting their cut before or after taxes!

The Journal & Courier (Indiana) talked to Steve Garbacz before he appeared in the Monday, Jan 15, 2018 game. Steve had some tips on the best way to prepare yourself for the Jeopardy! experience.

Bedford + Bowery interviewed Austin Rogers to find out what life is like after “Jeopardy!” They talked to Austin’s mom too.

North reported on Sean Sullivan’s 2 games, including how he plans to spend his $17,000 after taxes.

The Chicago Tribune reported on Brandon Brooks’ victory on 1/5/18, including how he sang part of the Wizard of Odds theme for Alex. (There’s a video clip of that over here now.) published an article with every clue that Grand Rapids, MI player Brennan Summers answered correctly in the December 14th match. There’s also a link on there to a Grand Rapids News article where Brennan talks about how he made it to the show.

How I Got On Jeopardy! by Ben Raphel – Ben talks about his journey to the Jeopardy! stage (Fri Dec 8, 2017).

BHS Teachers Remember Kyle Becker – Bismarck N.D. high school teachers share how their memories of what a great student Kyle was in high school

Former Jeopardy! champ in hot water – 7x champ Stephanie Jass accused of computer crimes

Jeopardy! and Wheel entering Natl Broadcasting Hall of Fame – AV Club likes Jeopardy! more than Wheel of Fortune

Buzzy Cohen Wins the Tournament of Champions: Buzzy went back to Hoboken to celebrate his victory and ABC News was there. You gotta watch the video. Bill Ritter calls Austin Rogers “Austin Powers” and gets corrected. “It’s Friday,” he said laughed. Yeah, baby, yeah!

The Badass Librarians of Jeopardy! American Librarians looks up 11 Jeopardy! contestants who did them proud

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  1. rhonda says:

    Thanks so much for posting this, VJ. Lots of fun.

  2. Cece says:

    On the article about Brennan Summers, I thought they added a nice touch by illustrating the responses before spelling them out.

  3. Jacob Ska says:

    @VJ, I like this new feature. Very informative. Thanks.

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