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Local newspapers often interview people who are about to appear on Jeopardy! before they do, and sometimes, they go talk to them after their show aired. Here are some links to recent Jeopardy! items and local articles:

Buzzy Cohen Wins the Tournament of Champions: Buzzy went back to Hoboken to celebrate his victory and ABC News was there. You gotta watch the video. Bill Ritter calls Austin Rogers “Austin Powers” and gets corrected. “It’s Friday,” he said laughed. Yeah, baby, yeah!

Austin Rogers Wins $50K in Jeopardy! final: Austin describes being “the mystery champion.” His games had not yet aired when the ToC was taped. (They also have their pre-ToC prediction on there: that the first round would go to Buzzy, but Austin would win).

The Badass Librarians of Jeopardy! American Librarians looks up 11 Jeopardy! contestants who did them proud

The Daily Beast: In an interview with Marlow Stern, Alex Trebek recalls his encounter with funny brownies – Birmingham: Contestant Kelvin Smith shines a light on autism

New York Post: How game show champs really spend their money. Austin Rogers leads off this article, which also features WOF and Let’s Make a Deal winners Here’s an article on that was published today (10/4/2017) “Quirky Jeopardy! Champ Austin Rogers is a Westchester Native,” where Austin tells them all about himself, including his bona fides in music, history and art, and why he bets BIG.

Mercury News – Cathy Subick talked about her Jeopardy experience. Cathy competed in the 10/5/2017 match. She said sh had a lot of fun although she found working the buzzer a bit tricky at first.

Spotted on WWTBAM: DAN FEITEL – I just happened to turn the TV on (pretty sure it was Thurs, 9/21/17) when it was already on ABC and Who Wants To Be a Millionaire was on. I immediately recognized Dan Feitel. He just succeeded on a $50K question and had a free shot at this $100K question: “According to the SSA, which of these has ranked among the Top 1000 newborn baby girl names for the year exactly once, in 2001?” The 4 choices were: Beyoncé, Aaliyah, Paris and Hermione.

There had to be an explanation why this name was in the Top 1000 for that one year only, Dan reasoned. He went with Aaliyah, but the answer was Beyoncé. So Dan finished with $50,000, not quite half of the $127,998 he won as a 5x Jeopardy! champ. He also was a semi-finalist in the 2015 ToC. Congrats to Dan!

In 2001, Beyonce popped up in the Top 1000 at No. 700 for the first and only time. Dan was right that Aaliyah died tragically around then (8/25/2001), but her name was already popular. Aaliyah first entered the Top 1000 in 2000 at No. 211. Its popularity rose every year until 2012, when it peaked at No. 36. In 2016, it was the 53rd most popular baby girl name.

The Roanoke Times Jen Sosnowski shares her journey to becoming a Jeopardy! champ, including how her husband helped her nail that “Army, Navy…” Daily Double (9/13/17) for an extra $3K.

Grand Island Independent reported on Laura Kelsay’s watch party at the a local restaurant, where she and her friends and family watched her win the first game of Season 34 interviewed current champ Justin Vossler by phone. In addition to talking about his journey to the Jeopardy! stage and his matches, he talked about the Hometown Howdies. LOL!

The New York Times covered the July 7, 2017 marriage of Maryanne Lewell and Michael Townes, Jeopardy! contestants who competed in the 2013 Teachers Tournament (but not against each other). Also, here’s a post from when they got engaged.

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