Final Jeopardy: 11-16-15 to 11-20-15

Here are the Final Jeopardy questions and answers for the week of November 16 through November 20, 2015.

Mon, Nov 16 – Correct answers: 2
A Hanseatic city, this port of 1.8 million is the largest European Union city that’s not a capital. show

Tue, Nov 17 – Correct answers: 0
These 2 6-letter rhyming countries both derive their names from rivers and were both once controlled by Great Britain. show

Wed, Nov 18 – Correct answers: 2
The first man to travel into space began his journey on that fateful day in what is today this country. show

Thurs, Nov 19 – Correct answers: 0
He “looked as if he had been shut up for a long time in a tomb and…been unable to recover the…complexion of the living.” show

Fri, Nov 20 – Correct answers: 1
His last name means a type of burial place and in 1855 that’s where he went. show

Tuesday’s FJ surely seemed like the easiest of the bunch to most Fikkle Famers and there was shock all around on that triple miss. Thursday’s was probably the hardest, unless classic lit is in your wheelhouse.

Kerry Greene, Alex Jacob and Matt Jackson won their semi-final matches and proceeded to the 2-day final. Here is Jeopardy’s video recap:

See more TOC videos, including the post-game chats from the finals, on

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