Final Jeopardy: 1-19-15 to 1-23-15

Here are the Final Jeopardy questions and answers for the week of January 19th with links to the full recaps.

Mon, Jan 19 – Correct answers: 0
Still around, these 2 rival companies began with a 1744 sale of “scarce and valuable books” and a 1766 sale of chamber pots. show

Tue, Jan 20: Correct answers: 1
In 1170 he said, “I am ready to die for my Lord, that in my blood the church may obtain liberty and peace.” show

Wed, Jan 21 – Correct answers: 2
A line in this short story is “slowly, awkwardly trying out his feelers, which he now first learned to appreciate….” show

Thurs, Jan 22 – Correct answers: 1
An early ad for this candy bar featured a fleur-de-lis flag and a song with the lyrics “fun for all”. show

Fri, Jan 23 – Correct answers: 2
This North Amer. river first sailed by Europeans in 1534 is named for a man who was martyred in Rome in the 3rd century. show

This week we only had one triple stumper but we had no triple solves.

We began the week with returning champ Nicholas Bérubé, who won another game on Monday but was bested by Daniel Grigg on Tuesday. On Wednesday, Will Anderson took over and managed to win Thursday’s “strange game” as well. Brad Nehring won on Friday, so that’s a total of four champs but Brad is the only one who can qualify for the TOC if he can win 2 more games next week.

Jeopardy Champs S31 W19

Here is Keith Williams’ analysis of the betting in Thursday’s game:

The funniest chat story of the week had to be Sarah Boulding’s tale (Friday) of being held hostage by a gaggle of geese who were after her muffin. “An important lesson there, ladies and gentlemen,” Alex Trebek observed, “Drop the muffin and split.”

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1 Response

  1. jacob ska says:

    Wow! What a week this was in Jeopardy.

    Most of all thanks VJ for giving us a forum in which to air our opinions about Jeopardy as passionate fans of the show. The emotions this week ran high to say the least. :D

    40% correct responses on fj again. Two weeks in a row. We shall see what next week brings.