Final Jeopardy: Literary Travel

The Final Jeopardy question (12/12/2014), in the category “Literary Travel” was:

The romantic balcony seen here is one of the most popular tourist attractions in this Italian city.

New champ Ryan Pensyl won $7,599 yesterday. Today he tries for a second win against these two players:  Michael Oliphant, from Chicago, IL; and Emily Moody, from Easton, MD.

The week has flown by without one winner getting a correct Final Jeopardy! Trebek hoped it would change yesterday, but today must be the day. You really don’t even need the romantic balcony picture to figure this one out, do ya?

Round 1: Emily found the Jeopardy! round Daily Double in “Quotes from The Wizard of Oz” under the $600 clue. She was in third place with $200, $2,000 less than Ryan’s lead. She bet the $1,000 allowance and she was RIGHT.

It answers the question posed by the Lion, “what makes a king out of a slave?” show

Ryan finished in the lead with $5,400. Emily was second with $4,400 and Michael was last with $3,400.

Round 2: Emily found the first Daily Double in “State Mottoes” under the $2,000 clue. She was now in the lead with $7,600, $1,400 more than Ryan in second place. She bet $4,000 and thought it was Massachusetts. That was WRONG.

Its motto, “Equal Rights” reflects the fact that its women were given the right to vote in 1869. show

Ryan found the last Daily Double in “Lowly History” under the $800 clue. In third place with $6,200, he had $2,400 less than Michael’s lead. He bet $2,500 and he was RIGHT.

1381’s Peasants’ Revolt stormed London & executed many bigwigs including Simon Sudbury, this religious official. show

Ryan finished in the lead with $17,900. Michael was next with $12,200 and Emily was in third place with $7,600.

TWO of the contestants got Final Jeopardy! right.


“Verona earns a fortune from the legend of Romeo and Juliet, despite the fact that there is little evidence that the couple ever existed. Historians say there is almost nothing to link the house to Shakespeare’s tragic love story and that the celebrated balcony was constructed out of bits of a medieval sarcophagus in the 17th century. The only shred of a connection is the fact that the house was probably once the home of the Cappello family — who may have been the model for the Capulets of Romeo and Juliet….

Each year sack loads of letters addressed simply to ‘Juliet’s House, Verona’ arrive from around the world.

Replies are written by a team of local volunteers from the Juliet Club, who occupy an upstairs office near the courtyard.” (Telegraph: Verona clamps down on tourists visiting Romeo and Juliet’s balcony)

Emily wrote down Venice. She lost her $3,801 bet and finished with $3,799.

Michael got it right. He added $10,156 to finish with $22,356.

Ryan also had it. He bet $6,501 so he won his second match with $24,401. His 2-day total is $32,000.

FJ Results: 12-12-14

Have a good weekend, everybody, and don’t forget to tune in Monday to see if Ryan wins his third game and qualifies for the next TOC. If he does, he’ll be the first 3x winner since Ryan Alley on October 31st. Shane Curtis was before him on October 14th.

2 years ago:: ALL of the players got this FJ in “States’ Highest Points”

This state’s highest peak is 13,796 feet high & only about 15 miles from the ocean. show

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12 Responses

  1. jacobska says:

    VJ & John, here we go again. No triple solve. Don’t know how much easier the clue writers can make it.

    • john blahuta says:

      by now i think they can ask who the queen of england is and we would have at least one flop…. well,at least venice is only about 70 miles (a little more than 100 km) from verona.

      @VJ sorry, i forgot the rules? why would ryan be eligible for the ToC if he becomes a 3 time champion? is 3 times the borderline now??

      • VJ says:

        @john – This information was posted in a comment by Keith on the 2014 TOC list:

        “5x champs are guaranteed a spot in the ToC, 3xers are eligible but only when there are not enough 5x+ timers or 4xers”

        At the time, I was ordering my list by amount of $$ won. He explained that somebody who won 4 games will get in the TOC ahead of someone who won 3 games, even if the 3x winner won more money.

        • john blahuta says:

          thank you, got it ! i guess… :)

          i hope ryan wins another 10 or more games and a LOT of money. somehow i like the guy!

      • Marilyn Ahrenhoerster says:

        I think Emily’s bet was a good one. She was counting on being the only one to know FJ. If so, she would have 11401. If Ryan bet 6500 to tie Michael and Ryan lost, he would have 11400.

        • john blahuta says:

          a lot of “ifs” and yet emily was the only one who did NOT know it…it was a desperation bet at best.

    • VJ says:

      Well, at least half our prediction was right — the leader going into FJ won


      (I don’t know how to make a half a smile)

      • john blahuta says:

        just rub it in ….:) i mean, under what rock did they find emily and then PUT HER ON THE AIR???

        • VJ says:

          now you’re being mean — she was doing okay and was even in the lead at one point. You’ll see when you see the game. Maybe she lost her confidence when she lost that 4K on the DD or maybe the guys were just faster on the buzzer after that.

          Ryan seems to blank out for like a second or two after every answer. Like he’s thinking, where was I now…. Except today, toward the very end of the second round, he knew he had to get in the lead and went to work.

        • john blahuta says:

          i recant after having seen the show!

  2. Shane says:

    Actually, Ryan Pensyl would become the first three time winner since another Ryan, Ryan Alley.