Final Jeopardy: Inaugural Addresses

The Final Jeopardy question (10/10/2016) in the category “Inaugural Addresses” was:

One of his addresses used the term “security shield” about international affairs as well as “golden years”.

New champ Nate Ross won $19,300 last Friday. In his second game, his challengers are: Pidge Meade, from Pacifica, CA; and Charlie Olsky, from Brooklyn, NY.

Round 1 Categories: World Airports – Where Do You Wear It? – That’s A Fact! – Health Issues – Obvious Broadway – Late Words

Charlie found the Jeopardy! round Daily Double in “World Airports” under the $400 clue on the 3rd pick pick of the round. He was in a tie with Pidge. They had $200 each. He bet $1,000 and he was RIGHT.

The Tenzing-Hillary Airport in this country is 9,200 feet above sea level. show

Nate finished in the lead with $8,200. Pidge was second with $3,800 and Charlie was last with $3,000.

Round 2 Categories: Carrie-oke – The Ottoman Empire – U.S. Rivers – Lit-pourri – Very Clever – “L”8 Words

Charlie found the first Daily Double in “Lit-Pourri” under the $2,000 clue on the 5th pick. He was in second place with $5,800 at this point, $2,800 less than Nate’s lead. He bet $2,000 and took a shot with Lilliputians. That was WRONG.

In “Gulliver’s Travels” a race of talking horses called Houyhnhnms have enslaved humanlike beings called these. show

Nate found the last Daily Double in “Very Clever” under the $1,200 clue mid-round. In the lead with $11,000, he had $2,000 more than Pidge in second place. He bet $3,000 but couldn’t come up with a response so he was WRONG.

Supposedly an offering to Athena, it was built by the master carpenter Epeius. show

Pidge finished in the lead with $11,000. Nate was next with $8,800 and Charles was in third place with $7,800.

ALL of the contestants got Final Jeopardy! right for the first time this season.


The clue quotes come from the January 21, 1985 inaugural speech of the 40th President of the United States, as he began his second term in office. Here are the entire sentences, showing the time that Reagan says each sentence in the above video.

(7:56) Let history say of us: “These were golden years-— when the American Revolution was reborn, when freedom gained new life, and America reached for her best.”

(24:05) “I have approved a research program to find, if we can, a security shield that will destroy nuclear missiles before they reach their target.”

Click here to read more about the Reagan-approved Strategic Defense Initiative program (aka Star Wars)

Charlie bet $4,000 and finished with $11,800.

Nate bet $8,798. That brought him up to $17,598.

Pidge bet $6,601 bet so she won the match with $17,601.

Final Jeopardy (10-10-2016) Nate Ross, Charlie Olsky, Pidge Meade

A triple stumper from each round:

HEALTH ISSUES ($600) Coumadin & Heparin are in the class of drugs whose name means that they thin your blood

VERY CLEVER ($2000) In a 12th century French beast epic, Bruin the bear was outfoxed by this fox

2 years ago: NONE of the players got this FJ in “Sports Figures”

He was featured on the September 22, 1947 cover of Time with the caption “He and the boss took a chance”. show

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5 Responses

  1. aaaa says:

    Johnny Gilbert is the announcer of Jeopardy, not Johnny Olson who died 31 years ago this week. Don Pardo was the Art Fleming era announcer. Johnny Olson is known for announcing mostly Goodson-Todman game shows from the 50s-80s, the last 13 years of his life on Price is Right, and was on radio before that. 37/58

    • Alfred Robert Hogan says:

      Oy veh, please excuse my embarrassing brain glitch. I had just been watching some CBS TV What’s My Line? episodes with space-related contestants in NYC for my doc dis research re radio and TV space and astronomy coverage from 1923 to the present. Hal Simms and Johnny Olson were announcers for that program. BTW, I am working in a few Jeopardy! references, too. My apologies as well to the amazing Johnny Gilbert!

  2. Alfred Robert Hogan says:

    Missed the early seconds of program. Alex Trebek referred to Johnny Olson making an introduction harkening to the 1964 debut of the NBC-TV version of Jeopardy! Does anyone recall what Mr. Olson said, at least approximately, please?

    • VJ says:

      @Alfred, Today when he introduced the contestants, Johnny Gilbert said “Let’s meet today’s contestants.” He usually says “Here are today’s contestants” so I guess that was it.

      I have 10 more clues from this match up now including the Carrie-Oke category and the clue about the sleeping cows. That made me laugh because when I was a kid, we would travel by car through upstate New York to Vermont a lot and I remember asking my father if cows ever lay down when they sleep. They were always standing up whenever I saw them.

  3. jacob ska says:

    The carousel continues.

    Congrats champ.