Dallas TNT: Where the Ewings Stand After Boxed In

After watching “Boxed In” (Dallas S3 E13 – 9/15/2014), let’s take a look at where each of the Ewings stand before the 2-hour Season 3 finale, which may very well turn out to be the last episode we ever see of Dallas (2012). ONE EWING WILL DIE, according to the teaser. But who? And how can we blame it on John Ross, assuming it’s not him?

Bobby Ewing – After vainly seeking help from the CIA and a senator to get his wife, Ann, and her daughter, Emma, out of the clutches of the Mexican cartel, Bobby hits on the idea of using his power as Railroad Commissioner to help the cartel import all their drugs into the USA in one trip. This lands him in Luis’ Mexican compound with a potato sack over his head. Now he can deal directly with Luis and Bobby plays on his weaknesses, though how he even knows them is a mystery. Luis goes along with the plan but Bobby can only have one hostage back. If we know our hero boy at all, Bobby will want Luis to free both women and take him as hostage.

Sue Ellen Ewing – She has lent moral support to Bobby during this crisis while pointing out that he could go to Federal prison for life with this wild railroad scheme. In the grand scheme of things, Sue Ellen is about as useful as the CIA. But if they were going to kill her off, she could have died in the fire.

Ann Ewing – What in the world was Ann thinking leaving Emma alone with psycho boy Luis while she went to the bathroom to see if there was a way out? If Luis sticks to his ultimatum that Bobby choose to free Ann or Emma, will she be going back with him? What leverage would Luis have over the Rylands if he doesn’t keep Emma?

John Ross Ewing and Pamela Barnes Ewing – We have to deal with these two together. Let’s face it, John Ross would f- up a free lunch because of his greed and stupidity. That’s why Bobby insisted on being informed before John Ross does anything. But instead, he went to his estranged wife, Pamela, who is nuts. Let’s not forget they are estranged because of his infidelity with Emma, one of the hostages. Pamela says she doesn’t give a rat’s butt what happens to Emma but she’ll do anything for Ann so off they go to Las Vegas where John Ross is subjected to more emasculation over his idiotic judgment. Pamela, who originally ingratiated herself into the Ewing clan by deception, is now the very epitome of honor and integrity, or else the sheik’s son is just a sucker for bright red lipstick. If they are going to kill off one of them, let’s hope it’s Pamela. Who needs her around? The whole Barnes thing can be laid to rest and the Ewings can feud with the Rylands going forward.

Christopher Ewing – His main focus at the moment is to free Elena Ramos from the clutches of Nicolas Trevino, who has confessed most of his wrongdoings to the health-conscious lady. He left out the part where he was present at her brother’s execution, but you can bet the farm that she will find Drew’s St. Christopher medal in the 2-part finale. Who is going to help Christopher? Why, Nicolas Trevino’s wife, Lucia. We haven’t heard a thing from her since the last time she popped by to tell Nicolas she wasn’t down with a divorce. Now that she thinks Nicolas is in love with Elena, well! Affairs are okay, but the sanctity of the family cannot be violated.

So is it one of these Ewings or is there another Ewing we don’t yet know about that will bite the dust? One plot point that TNT has put out there is that John Ross will learn a shocking secret about J.R. There’s even speculation that Nicolas may turn out to be J.R.’s illegtimate son, but wait a sec… Maybe Nicolas is El Posolero’s kid and Luis is J.R.’s illegitimate son. One thing is for sure, people are sick of the whole Mexican cartel thing. These two have got to go.

Then if there is a Season 4, Elena will be carrying John Ross’ child (thanks to Nicolas and his hole-poking way with diaphragms) and she can go back to the currently single Christopher. Just like when Pamela was carrying Christopher’s kids and took up with John Ross. What are cousins for?

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