Final Jeopardy: 2-23-15 to 2-27-15

Here are the Final Jeopardy questions and answers for the week of February 23rd with links to the full recaps.

Mon, Feb 23 – Correct answers: 1
To prepare venues hosting this event, 12 billion perennial ryegrass seeds were imported from Manitoba, 5,000 miles away. show

Tue, Feb 24: Correct answers: 2
At his term’s end, Ronald Reagan took an office in an L.A. high-rise, still a mess from the filming of this 1988 thriller. show

Wed, Feb 25 – Correct answers: 0
They’re the 2 states with the highest percentage of people who speak French at home. show

Thurs, Feb 26 – Correct answers: 2
On Feb. 25, 1956, he gave a speech “on the personality cult and its consequences”, seen as an attack on his predecessor. show

Fri, Feb 27 – Correct answers: 1
This author had a bitter feud with Michael Moore over the title of a 2004 documentary. show

For the 5th straight week, a triple solve was nowhere to be found, but there was only one triple stumper. The best thing to happen was Dava-Leigh Brush went on to win 2 more games and qualify for an invitation to the TOC.

Jeopardy champs: S31 W24

On Wednesday, she was defeated by Laura Gallo, but Laura was sent home on Thursday by Jose Garrigo. He also won Friday’s game and there’s got to be a bunch of people rooting for him to rack up a third win on Monday.

Keith Williams found the picture and article in the New York Times archive showing Jose and his first grade class on the trip Jose talked about on Friday. Check that out on The Final Wager.

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