College Championship Rerun: 8-16-17 Quarterfinal No. 3

Today’s Jeopardy match originally aired on February 15, 2016. It was the third quarterfinal of the 2017 College Championship. The players were: Alex Bourzutschky, Mari Hanley and Clarissa Santori.


There’s a list of clues over here that includes the category about phobias (WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF?). The match back on January 13, 2014 also had that category in it, with a Daily Double (link to the recap) when champ Michelle DeGrothy gave one of the funniest responses of Season 30. Here are the other 4 clues:

$200: Pyrophobia
$400: Xenophobia
$600: Wiccaphobia
$800: Philophobia

Answers show

They also had the same category in Greg Seroka’s second game, on April 24, 2015

$200: Arachnophobia
$400: Ergophobia
$600: Belonephobia, which would make acupuncture out of the question
$800: Leukophobia: This color
$1000: Samhainophobia: This holiday

Answers show

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