Final Jeopardy: Actors

The Final Jeopardy question (4/24/2015), in the category “Actors” was:

Ironically, in the summer of 1955, he gave an interview about the dangers of racing on highways.

New champ Greg Seroka won $25,401 in yesterday’s match. In the last game of the week, he is up against these two players: Eric Fleury, from Worcester, MA; and Chip Brookes, from Fairbanks, AK. 

Round 1: Chip found the Jeopardy! round Daily Double in “Alphabetically Last” under the $600 clue, with one clue left after it. He was in third place with $2,000, $3,200 behind Greg’s lead. He made it a true Daily Double and he was RIGHT.

… of U.S. Presidents by first name. show

Eric finished in the lead with $5,800. Greg was second with $5,200 and Chip was last with $3,200.

Round 2: Chip found the first Daily Double in “Let’s Go Old School” under the $1,600 clue. He was in third place with $8,000, $7,400 less than Eric’s lead. He bet $4,000 and he was RIGHT.

In 1831 Methodists founded this Connecticut school whose names means a follower of Methodism. show

Greg found the last Daily Double in “Wordplay” under the $800 clue, with 4 clues left after it. In the lead with $17,200, he had $600 more than Eric in second place. He bet $11,000 and he was RIGHT.

This term from a tale in mythology is now used to mean a trick to subvert from within. show

Greg finished in the lead with $28,200. Eric was next with $17,400 and Chip was in third place with $12,400.

ALL of the contestants got Final Jeopardy! right.


Here’s a clip of the highway safety promotion James Dean made with actor Gig Young in which Dean says: “I find myself being very cautious on the highway. I don’t have the urge to speed on the highway. People say racing is dangerous but I’ll take my chances on the track any day than on the highway.” As he left, Dean turned around and gave this one last piece of advice: “Take it easy driving. The life you might save might be mine.”. The longer version begins with a drag-racing scene from “Rebel Without a Cause”, the 1955 “troubled youth” film that made Dean a star.

Chip bet $9,201 and finished with $21,601.

Eric bet $12,600. That brought him up to $30,000.

Greg bet $7,000 so he won this match with $35,200. His 2-day total is $60,601.

FJ Results: 4-24-15

During the chat, Greg told Alex about his 6-year stint as an apprentice chef at two ski resorts in Europe. They were run by the U.S. military and he was making American food.

2 years ago:: TWO of the players got this FJ in “Magazines”

Celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2013, 5280 Magazine is a guide to this city. show

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13 Responses

  1. Robert Anderson says:

    I got it because I know the myth. He was not speeding. The other car ran into him.

  2. Robert Anderson says:

    Alex, the “cuh” in an Aztec word is pronounced much like English “coo”, not ” cooch”.

  3. jacob ska says:

    Also like the way Greg pulled out Creighton University in Utah. Don’t know why but I went for Brigham Young University. Don’t ask me why. :)

    Nice game to finish the week. This was a good board imo. Got quite a few of the clues correct. The phobias were a weakness category for me though.

    • VJ says:

      That was a great game — tight race until that $11K DD. Yeah, gusty move because he won but a little nail-biting to watch when you knew all he had to do was stay in the lead and bet enough to beat Greg to win. LOL!

      • Eric S says:

        With a wager of the total value of the remaining clues left minus his lead plus a dollar, he could claim the lead going into FJ (with a credited response) by putting his hands in his pockets. Any amount over that is just added risk without a better chance to win. Gutsy, perhaps, but I would say ill-advised.

  4. jacob ska says:

    What a great game by all 3 players! Gutsy wager by Greg and the way he pulled out “The Trojan Horse” on the last DD.

    James Dean had played in only 2 Broadway shows, per my family and fact-checking as I grew older, before he was called to Hollywood to act in “East of Eden.” He still kept his apartment in NYC so when he died NYers, along with the rest of the world, were shocked at the news of his early death. The apartment was on West 68th Street in NYC.

    Thanks vj for the video with James Dean and Gig Young. 24 years old is too young to lose such talent. But, thank goodness he has not been forgotten.

    • William Weyser says:

      That great game made me feel like neither one of the 3 very impressive gentlemen made a mistake. Greg Seroka right now has a very impressive 2-day total of $60,601. All he has to do win his 3rd game on Monday. If he does, he will complete my 5th version of the Jeopardy! Tournament Of Champions, and I’ve already decided who’s gonna play against who in the quarter-finals.
      Mon. Vaughn Winchell vs. Alexander Persaud vs. Bill Cossen
      Tue. Catherine Hardee vs. Elliot Yates vs. Ryan Alley
      Wed. John Schultz vs. Jeff Xie vs. Zane Ice
      Thu. Michael Bilow vs. Kristin Sausville vs. Greg Seroka
      Fri. Alex Jacob vs. Kerry Greene vs. Jennifer Giles
      And 1 other thing, if you say that Teens and Kids are not allowed to compete on the TOC anymore, I’m coming for you, and forcing you to do your own version of the TOC, but first, you have to wait until I’m done with me.

      • Leena says:

        Hhmm. I think Vaughn, Catherine, John (but at least give the little ones a chance), Michael or Greg, and Fridays a no brainer. ALL TOO GOOD! O, and by the way teens and kids aren’t allowed anymore. Kids were never allowed. And yes. I saw that part (I just wanna make my own ToC). JK For everything in the second half, except this.

  5. VJ says:

    The last 3 celebrities revealed are: John Berman, Vince Gilligan and Wendi McLendon Covey