Billions: Chuck vs. Bobby in Season 2

Actor Paul Giamatti discusses his “Billions” character Chuck Rhoades in this video and one thing we wholeheartedly agree with is his statement that you don’t know who to root for.

We felt that way after watching the whole first season and now Paul tells us, we’re going to feel the same way watching this season as Chuck and Bobby Axelrod continue their high stakes game of one-upmanship.

In this video, Damian Lewis gives some insight on his power-mad character. He says it’s becoming clear in Season 2 that there can only be one king and one castle.

Both of them mention Chuck’s wife, Wendy (Maggie Siff), who worked for Bobby during Season 1, but quit and also left her husband. Wendy is apparently the best performance coach in the country. Why else would Bobby give her a $5 million bonus to try to get her back and let her keep it even when she refused. There’s nothing romantic going on between Wendy and Bobby. His wife Lara (Malin Akerman) is pretty much his equal, if not in business, at least in toughness. We sort of see her as his soulmate because of that.

Right now, as we’re going into the third episode of Season 2, we are kind of leaning more toward rooting for Chuck, perhaps because he seems just a wee bit more beleaguered than Bobby.

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