Law and Order CI – Why Vince Why?

Jeff Goldblum and Saffron Burrows

Meet the new Law and Order CI detective, Serena Stevens (right), who will be working with Detective Zach Nichols (left) who will soon both be working with a new captain, and all of them will not be working with Detectives Goren or Eames.

First, they kill Captain Ross (Eric Bogosian) right off the bat in the season opener last week, and then they suspend Vince D’Onofrio, I mean Bobby Goren. No, I don’t, I mean Vince.

Why did you quit, Vince? Why? Why? Why?

Everybody is blaming USA, but we heard that this was Vincent D’Onofrio’s own decision so that he could work on new projects. But have you read the tweets, the comments all over the internet? We want you to stay!!!!

Vincent D'Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe as Goren and Eames

Eames was pretty broke up over the death of Captain Danny Ross and then a new temporary captain came in (who was that guy and why did he sound like he was on helium?) Well, whoever he was, Captain Helium suspended Goren who went snooping around like he always does and got himself in more trouble.

In the meantime, Eames was told that she was being considered for the new captain. Why, you ask. What did she ever do? Well, she followed the rules and Goren didn’t. Do you think they want a captain who doesn’t follow the rules and is a big tall lumbering bear. No, they don’t. (Did anybody else notice that Jeff Goldblum is taller than Vince?)

Eames was told she had to fire Det. Goren. It was pretty hard for her and Goren tried to make it easier for her but she told him to stop, then he kissed her and left. She put her shield and gun on the desk and called up and quit.

I know everyone is upset and so was I but even so, I managed to glean these few tidbits about Serena Stevens. She came from Chicago but chose not to inform Zach Nichols why — so far. Sooner or later, she’ll spill those beans. She speaks French and reads Urdu (not sure if she speaks Urdu, too.)

And I’m trying to have a bit of sympathy for Jeff Goldblum and Saffron Burrows. Goren and Eames are a hard team to have to follow.

What happens after a detective gets fired? There goes the pension and all that good stuff. It’s a disgrace. I thought maybe Goren will go to the FBI, since that seemed to be part of the plot, but can they hire a disgraced detective? Maybe he’s not really fired, since Eames quit so how could she have the authority to fire him? She was still only a detective when she did it. In the meantime, they could find that helium stash in the temporary captain’s office and fire him instead.

Just throwing out some ideas for those crazy writers. We don’t want them even trying to bring Bobby Goren back as an unemployed drunk or something. Maybe as Bobby the “I’m Your Worst Nightmare” Bounty Hunter.

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