2016 College Championship Scores before Final Jeopardy!

Jeopardy! revisited the second week of its 2016 College Championship tournament during the third week of August 2016. Here are the scores before Final Jeopardy from the semi-finals and 2-part final

8-19-16 Pre-FJ Scores

8-18-16 Pre-FJ Scores

More Clues from the finals:
8-19-2016: 8 clues
8-18-2016: 9 clues

8-17-16 Pre-FJ Scores

8-16-16 Pre-FJ Scores

8-15-16 Pre-FJ Scores

More clues from Semi-Finals:
8-17-2016: 9 clues
8-16-2016: 10 clues
8-15-2016: 8 clues

They did not show the quarter-final matches but we have the links to those recaps.

2/5/2016 QF #5 Ziad Ali vs. Noah Cowan vs. Niki Peters

2/4/2016 QF #4 Sarah Dubnik vs. Hannah Norem vs. Gus Woythaler

2/3/2016 QF #3 Sam Deutsch vs. Amanda Rosner vs. Michael Sieja

2/2/2016 QF #2 Emily Bingham vs. Kevin Brown vs. Kate Laubscher

2/1/2016 QF #1 Adam Antoszewski vs. Carissa Pekny vs. Emily Sun

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