Spoiler Talk: CotD (Mon)

Here’s Monday’s peek at the NY Times Clue of the Day BEFORE the game airs. This clue may be today’s Final Jeopardy! and you can make a prediction on how many players will get this right and/or leave a hint on the right answer.

If you don’t want to read comments about the answer to the clue, READ NO FURTHER. Otherwise, click on the link below to see the clue, and fire away!

Clue of the Day

FYI, we don’t reveal the answer outright. We just hint at it. However, it is okay to give possible wrong answers.

Alert: The first 11 words of our comments show up on the homepage sidebar, so prefacing any hint with a short observation is the best way to go.

All comments and predictions on the CotD posts are deleted after about a week, so be fearless! Any comments with the actual answer will be deleted right away.

10 clues, Same Category: These clues are all about “Autobiographies,” one from 1988 and a more recent one from 2012.

Round 2: 10/14/1988
$200: Dodgers’ catcher who concluded, “It’s Good to be Alive”
$400: She wrote “Beloved Infidel”
$600: He wrote “My Wicked Wicked Ways”
$800: At age 82, this “Thin Man” co-star published “Being & Becoming”
$1000: He’s written 62 books including his autobiography “My Life on Trial” show

Round 2: 2/22/2012
$400: A Southerner: “First Lady from Plains”
$800: An aviator: “The Spirit of St. Louis”
$1200: A Russian-American novelist: “Speak, Memory”
$1600: A Vietnam veteran: “Born on the Fourth of July”
$2000: A militant & prisoner: “Soul on Ice” show

Today’s Quote: The first principle is that you must not fool yourself and you are the easiest person to fool. ~ Richard P. Feynman

April 24th birthdays

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6 Responses

  1. Kevin S. says:

    I’m ashamed to admit I did the mental math wrong and calculated someone born 20 years too early. And after entering the wrong answer on the web site, I looked it up and realized I used to know it. Forehead slap!

  2. Jlane says:

    To the people who elected him into that high office of President, he proved to be true ! ;-)

  3. jacob ska says:

    Umm…let’s see “show me” on this clue and don’t believe the Media…Dewey really didn’t win. lol

    His resume is impressive. Fired General MacArthur & integrated the military. Prediction? 3 correct or however many left standing.

  4. EricS says:

    The Buck stops here

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