Spoiler Talk: CotD (Mon)

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  1. EricS says:

    I think we may see Braniff (they were headquartered in dallas) or Pan Am. Less likely is TWA because of Hughes. But yes, for contestants under 40, SWA may seem attractive.

    • rhonda says:

      Why thanks, Eric, no wonder I went with SWA, must be because you included me along with the contestants under 40 lol.

  2. jacob ska says:

    Oh boy, I’m so afraid the location in this clue might mislead contestants to write down Southwest airlines because its headquarters is in Texas. But, I’m old enough to remember when it started up & it wasn’t 1929.

    The actual airline is now headquartered in Atlanta GA & is the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet. I wasn’t around when it started up. :)

    • rhonda says:

      Oh, well, there I went with Southwest, especially since it was an answer to a question the other day, too, which should have warned me away from it, I suppose. Not that I’d have come up with correct response anyway.

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