Spoiler Talk: CotD (Mon)

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  1. VJ says:

    @Rhonda, yep, I fixed that :)

    The first thing that went through my head when I read the clue was the actual song because I put that video up here a few weeks ago when there was a clue in one category that had to do with some building material that began with S and ended with W :)

  2. rhonda says:

    Wow, that was awesome of you to come up with it, Jacob!

  3. rhonda says:

    VJ, is plasma the answer to the $800 clue in Waters of the Body?

  4. jacob ska says:

    Interesting clue. Animal songs narrow this down for me.

    Hint: Just think Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton for the movie WAoVW. Excellent movie imo. Then you’ll come up with the original song WAoTBBW.

    • JLane says:

      That’s a tough clue! There are 75 parts to the “Silly Symphony” and to remember which year a specific cartoon aired… WOW! I was leaning the direction of your clue, based on the appropriate timetable of the aforementioned movie and play, but in all candor, it would have been a absolute guess! Kudos to you for nailing it!

      • jacob ska says:

        Never went back to 1933. Just focused on the animal part and the movie part…drama. Saw the movie and the play. I might be wrong.

        • VJ says:

          Well, I don’t think you’re wrong. Also one of my favorite movies, btw. (I may have mentioned some other time how my idea to use Martha’s voice for our phone greeting was rejected– Whaddya want?)

          It is a tough clue, as JLane pointed out. From the player pov, they’ve got 30 seconds to figure it out AND write it down and it’s a long title. That usually spells 0/3 though I’m hoping at least one.

        • rhonda says:

          I doubt you’re wrong about it, Jacob. I think it’s an extremely tough clue, too, and will be surprised if anyone gets it right. I think the author E.A. died fairly recently?

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