You Sold Me the Laundromat Recap: Shameless

If you’ve been watching the last few episode, you know that the title of Episode 8, Season 7 refers to Etta’s addled memory– uh, dementia as Fiona puts it. Whether Etta remembers selling the laundromat or not seems to be the least of Fiona’s problems with her $80,000 purchase.

You’re not the boss of me. ~ Etta

There was mold under the floor tiles in the laundromat and Fiona was pulling them up single-handedly with a hammer and spatula. In the meantime, Etta was wasting no time finding out “how the other half lives,” buying a 65″ TV and a hot tub and anything else that looked like a deal on QVC. Fiona sent the hot tub back, swiped Etta’s credit card out of her bag and ordered new tiles for the floor.

Kev and V were in crisis over Svetlana, who fake-stole the “Nooks and Fannies” van and filed a claim for it with the insurance company. Kev was furious. Svetlana showed him where she stashed the missing van, but that did nothing to restore the trust he lost in her over the Yvon business.

Kev went to see Fiona and offered to help her out in exchange for her advice. She hesitated a bit when he asked her for her true opinion of Svetlana, but straight up told him that she has long thought that the Russian woman is nothing but a con artist. You have to laugh at the irony of it all, not only because of Fiona taking Etta’s credit card, but she also asked Didi, one of her waitresses to help her for 3 hours, and fully expected Didi to pitch in gratis.

Kev went to the bar and offered free drinks for a week to anyone who would come and help out at the laundromat. A bunch of guys took him up on it, including Kermit, Tommy and Frank, who never turns down offers of free drinks.

Aw, she looks just like Derek! ~ Tanya

Still worried about DCSF, Debbie decided that it would be a good thing to try to get Tanya and Derek’s mother on her side. She took Franny to see them and, yes, Tanya actually said that little carrot-top Franny looks just like raven-haired Derek. Abuela Delgado was delighted. Debbie asked them to be supportive of her efforts to be a good mother if DCFS called. Tanya was not so inclined so Debbie invited them to Neil’s house to see how spiffy and childproof everything was. Debbie left Franny with Neil to ask Fiona if she would tell DCFS she had a job working at the laundromat. Tanya and Abuela returned to Neil’s and tricked him into letting them take Franny for a walk. Frantic, Debbie went to their house. They refused to return the baby and Debbie threatened to kill them and burn down their house, while Tanya recorded her outbursts. That Tanya really is a piece of work. Her little tale of how she got knocked up and was welcomed into the loving arms of the Familia Delgado is what led to this state of affairs to begin with. Franny’s father is the one that actually encouraged Debbie to learn how to be a good fighter, which is why the homeless lady didn’t have much of a chance. The supreme irony would be if Debbie kicked the crap out of Tanya.

I already have one out-of-control addict in my life. I don’t need two. ~ Sierra

Professor Youens called Lip to take one last stab at getting him to go to the appeals hearing. The good professor had rearranged his schedule to be available just in case Lip changed his mind. Lip asked Ian to be his character witness and both he and Youens gave very impressive speeches at the hearing, both managing to avoid the “f” word, which Lip just could not do.

That was not the reason that the appeals board rejected his plea. They simply could not overlook the fact that he attacked people and destroyed property. They also refused to expunge his record. Although he claimed he would be good either way, he wasn’t. Lip did some drinking, went to Patsy’s and when Charlie, Sierra’s ex, showed up to plead with her to let him see Lucas, Lip attacked him and beat the hell out of the guy. Ian had to pull Lip off Charlie and Lip almost started fist-fighting with Ian too. Sierra broke their “casual relationship” off.

Etta, your Wendell is home. ~ Frank Gallagher

Frank’s efforts to get back in the Gallagher homestead were met with firm resistance from Ian. Even Trevor helped get rid of him the first time he showed up. That didn’t quite do the trick, however. Frank broke in and played repairman to get back in everyone’s good graces. Ian threw him out again and that’s how he ended up at the Alibi when Kev showed up looking to put a crew together for Fiona. After the laundromat was in much better shape, Etta put some dancing music on and mistook Frank for her dead husband Wendell. Frank tripped the light fantastic with Etta, inquiring into whether they had a double bed. Fiona agreed to let him stay out back if he agreed to leave Etta alone. Well, there was no heat back there and, last we saw, Frank was headed up to Etta’s. Just wait till he finds out how much money Etta has in the bank!

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