Supporting Cast: Season 7 Finale – Shameless

Here are the actors and actresses who appeared in the final episode of Season 7 of Shameless (12-20-16): The recap of the episode is here.

Diandra Lyle as Dr. Caughey in Shameless

A blood vessel in her brain burst

Diandra Lyle played Dr. Caughey. She had the task of informing the Gallagher children that every effort to revive their mother failed. If you remember when she first returned, she told Frank that there was something in her brain that was going to explode and that was going to be it. According to Live Science, drug use can be a cause of cerebral hemorrhage, which is not always fatal.

John Aylward as Grandpa Bill in Shameless

My little girl gets a proper burial

John Aylward played Bill Darrgen, Monica’s father. He squarely placed the blame for Monica’s trouble life and her death on Frank and squarely planted his fists on Frank’s face quite a few times, too. Grandpa Bill was a career Navy man with 40 years of service and recommended that branch of service to Carl. He also paid for a viewing at the funeral home where everyone said their goodbyes a few words about his “little girl.”

Kerri Kenney as Constance Grace in Shameless

She looks lovely, doesn’t she? Like an angel.

Kerri Kenney played Constance Grace, the funeral home associate who implemented Grandpa Bill’s wishes, retrieving Monica’s body from the furnace right before her feet burned off.

William H. Macy as Frank Gallagher in Shameless

Frank bids farewell to the love of his life

Frank’s eulogy for Monica included the memorable line “My pilot light was out and Monica was the gas company.”

Hospital waiting room on Shameless

Frank bids farewell to the love of his life

We’re not sure who played the man and old woman sitting in the hospital waiting room with the Gallaghers before they learned Monica was dead. The woman listened with rapt attention to Kevin explaining in graphic detail how the body doesn’t get cold for a while after you die and “you don’t start to swell up for at least a couple of days, and then your eyes pop out, skin falls off, then you explode.” It was at this point that V motioned for him to be a little more considerate.

Also in Episode 12

Main Cast:
William H. Macy – Frank Gallagher
Emmy Rossum – Fiona Gallagher
Jeremy Allen White – Lip Gallagher
Cameron Monaghan – Ian Gallagher
Emma Kenney – Debbie Gallagher
Ethan Cutkowsky – Carl Gallagher
Brenden and Brandon Sims – Liam Gallagher

Series Regulars:
Steve Howie – Kevin Ball
Shanola Hampton – Veronica Fisher

More Guest and Co-Stars:
Chloe Webb – Monica Gallagher
Scott Michael Campbell – Brad
Elliot Fletcher – Trevor
Sierra – Ruby Modine
Zack Pearlman – Neil
Barry Sloane – Ryan
David Fabrizio
Adele Daniller – Mildred
Richard Vetter – Adonis

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