Supporting Cast of Fall from Grace: Ray Donovan

Here are some of the actors who appeared in “If I Should Fall from Grace with God” (9-24-2017) in “Ray Donovan,” Episode 7 of Season 5. The episode recap is here.

Donald Faison in Ray Donovan

Jay is very sensitive to your father’s creative thing

Donald Faison played Antoine A’Shawn Anderson (Triple A), a scriptwriter Jay White brought in to turn Mickey’s “Four Leaf” script into a film that would not utterly destroy Jay’s career. That requires a total re-writing. Instead of playing a Southie bank robber, Jay would play Michael Abdul Rahim, a Vietnam vet who turns to robbing banks when his son gets in debt to the mob. Instead of paying back the mafia, the character kills them one by one and opens a veteran’s hospital in Harlem with the money. That issue may go on the back burner for now. Mickey and Daryll have a lot worse things to worry over with the Frank Barnes murder. However, Antoine looks like the type of guy who would go ahead and write the script with or without Mickey. And wouldn’t Mickey come around screaming about not getting credit unless he’s in prison!

Okay, white blood… got it!

Fernanda (Sherry Mandujano) made a mistake that was just horrific in the eyes of her special effects boss, Gustavo. She made one of the Kraavax’ blood red and Gustavo had to remind her that in “Pulsar 3,” the Kraavax — “nay, all of the inhabitants of Coruleen 5” — live in a carbon-less atmosphere and their blood is white. Because Fernanda had seen “Pulsar 3,” Gustavo felt obligated to ask her if she was learning disabled, assuring her it would be okay if she was because his own sister is learning disabled. Fernanda said she wasn’t and was saved by further interrogation by Ray’s call. She shot Gustavo a “you’re bat-shit crazy” look while he answered Ray’s call.

If you want, I can make one of his eyes pop out of his head

Ray wanted Gustavo (Simon Templeton) to help him make it look like he killed Avi on video, mere child’s play for such an artiste. Avi did not follow Gustavo’s “last words” recommendations (“Please God, spare me” or “you can kill me, but you can never take my soul”) but he was able to look dead enough to convince Frank Barnes that the deed was done.

Other Notes:

  • We’re wondering whose gun that was that Daryll used to kill Frank Barnes. It came from Avi’s car, and could only have been Avi’s or Mickey’s. It depends on if Avi picked up Mickey’s gun after he knocked him out and threw him in the trunk, and then put the gun in the front seat.
  • Terry came back to the Fite Club unexpectedly and found Potato Pie in his office. Pie said he was doing some bookkeeping but Terry knew he was playing the ponies and was like “So what?” We love these little details. The things folks do when the boss is out of town. LOL
  • We have to retract our statement from last week that Dime Bag is the dumbass of the century. He had no reason to distrust Freddy, his partner, while Freddy had over a half million reasons to be untrustworthy. We’ll just transfer the title to Freddy if he’s still around.
  • We lost two characters who were in the show since Season One in this episode. We’re sure Avi’s departure was sadder for viewers than that of Frank Barnes, but at least Avi got to live.

Main Cast:
Liev Schreiber – Ray Donovan
Eddie Marsan – Terry Donovan
Dash Mihok – Bunchy Donovan
Jon Voight – Mickey Donovan
Pooch Hall – Daryll Donovan

Also in Fall from Grace

Steven Bauer – Avi
Katherine Moennig – Lena
Michael McGrady – Frank Barnes
William Stanford Davis – Potato Pie
Lili Simmons – Natalie James
Brian White – Jay White
Maia – Katlynn Simone
Ryan Dorsey – Dime Bag
Eddie Fernandez – Mexican Drug Buyer
Reatha Gray – Secretary
Gregory Sims – James Farbinger
Lucky O’Neill – Guard
Dan O’Brien

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