Supporting Cast of Sold: Ray Donovan

Here are some of the actors who appeared in “Sold” (8-27-2017) in “Ray Donovan,” Episode 4 of Season 5. The episode recap is here.

 Todd Robert Anderson as Marty Rendell in Ray Donovan

Who is attached to star in “Four Leaf”?

Todd Robert Anderson played the head reader at ACA who mocked Mickey’s script and his senior citizen status, too. Mickey was 100% right. Marty did deserve to get “dusted off a little” for being a smart aleck. We wonder if we will get to see Marty again and his reaction when he learns that Jay White is attached to Mickey’s script.

Brian White as Jay White in Ray Donovan

It all happened because he had to count in Japanese

Jay White really should have called his lawyer after he accidentally sliced off his sensei’s head with that razor sharp samurai sword. Of course, he feared that his career would be ruined but, if he had called his lawyer or Ray, it probably would have been presented to the public in a way that made Jay seem even more badass than he already does and “G.I. Samurai,” the film he was training for, would have been a smash success. Surely, he must realize that if he stars in Mickey’s film, “Four Leaf,” his career will be ruined anyway!

 Ryan Dorsey and Orson Chaplin in Ray Donovan

We’re about to hit the jackpot, y’all

Ryan Dorsey and Orson Chaplin played the two junkies who took over Railhead Subs and held up all the customers, taking whatever they had and forcing them to give up their ATM pin numbers. By the time, the next shift began, they had about 9 people tied up and duck taped in the back room. They also had Bunchy’s $1.2 million.

Robbery victims on Ray Donovan

Three of the sandwich shop victims

Ben and Ian (Wally Schrass and Brandon Wilson) were the two guys on duty when the robbers showed up. Jane (Tory Stolper) was a customer who came in looking for some non-GMO avocado shortly before Bunchy showed up. Ben and Ian were forced to turn over their uniforms and Jane was robbed and thrown in the back room with the other victims. They all got to see Bunchy get whacked in the head with a gun over his reluctance to part with the diaper bag.

Kyra Locke an Japheth Gordon in Ray Donovan

The unexpected happens every day in our line of work

Officer Cram (Kyra Locke) was having a hard time believing that Bunchy took a million dollars in cash into a sub shop but told him she would get a dedicated task force assigned to his case. It made Officer Stallworth’s (Japheth Gordon) day when he spotted Jay White sitting in Daryll’s car. He got a selfie so he could prove to his friends that it really happened. We wondered if the camera captured a glimpse of one of the concrete buckets with the sensei’s body parts in the back of Daryll’s car.

Liev Schreiber
in Ray Donovan

If you see Ray coming, better step aside…

In the beginning of the show, Ray came out for a jog. Have you ever seen anyone with eyebrows like Liev Schreiber? The left one looks like a regular checkmark and the other one is too, only upside down.

Main Cast:
Liev Schreiber – Ray Donovan
Paula Malcomson – Abby Donovan
Eddie Marsan – Terry Donovan
Dash Mihok – Bunchy Donovan
Jon Voight – Mickey Donovan
Kerris Dorsey – Bridget Donovan
Pooch Hall – Daryll Donovan

Also in Sold

Graham Rogers – Smitty
Michael McGrady – Frank Barnes
Dominique Columbus – Damon
Denise Crosby – Deb
Keir O’Donnell – George Winslow
James Keach – Tom
Johnny Sneed – Dr. Friedman
Jayne Taini – Harriet Greenberg
Jordan Mahome – Damon’s father
Susan Sarandon – Samantha ‘Sam’ Winslow
Josh Latzer – Male Cop
Iris Braydon – Nurse
David Kency – Kwame
M.Q. Tran – Megan
Steve Trzaska – New Railhead Employee

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