Ray Donovan Recap of Fall from Grace

Terry Donovan continued to try to save his soul in Episode 7 of “Ray Donovan” Season 5. The actual title was “If I Should Fall from Grace with God,” the Pogues’ song that Terry and Bridget were singing in “Shelley Duvall.” Click here for the song lyrics. But it wasn’t the main storyline in this episode anyhow.

Eliminating Avi

After Mickey got out of the trunk of Avi’s car, he stuffed the Mexican drug dealer in it and took a gun from inside the car. He headed to Ray’s office for help. Ray was really pissed that Bunchy was in jail over the Primm murders. Back in “Lake Hollywood,” Ray refused a million dollar cut of the Primm heist and told Mickey to give it to Bunchy because he was going to need a good lawyer. Ray called Frank Barnes to set up a meet. Barnes informed Ray that Avi killed a DEA agent and when they get him, it won’t take long to connect Avi to him and Ray both. Ray wanted more than just Bunchy’s release: “I kill Avi, you put Mickey away for Primm. That’s the deal.”

Ray went to Lena to find out Avi’s whereabouts and told her why. Lena felt there had to be another way to deal with the problem, like killing Frank Barnes instead. “If Barnes goes down, we’re all going down,” Ray pointed out. Ray added that Avi was as good as gone already: “If Barnes doesn’t take Avi out, the DEA will.”

Ray went to the motel where Avi was holed up and broke down the door, gun in hand. Avi got the jump on him but Ray soon got the upper hand and Avi was sure his number was up. He told Ray he knew he messed up but he got hooked on the drugs he was taking for all the pain he was in (from the near-fatal beating he got from the Russians). He pulled out a key to a locker, told Ray it contained money and asked him to take care of his mother. Of course, Ray did not pull the trigger.

Mickey’s Movie

Jay White came up with a plan that would work for him as far as getting Mickey’s film, “Four Leaf,” made so he could clear his slate over the sensei’s death. Jay brought in Antoine “A’Shawn” Anderson to rewrite Mickey’s script, setting the tale in Harlem. Mickey would get a co-writer credit and Daryll would be brought in as a producer for getting Mickey on board with the changes. Daryll soon found that easier said than done. Mickey felt if it was set in Harlem, the character would be a drug dealer, not a bank robber. Daryll was offended by the racist stereotype despite Mickey’s explanation that was how it was back then.

Daryll was about to kick Mickey out of his car for disrespecting him, when Mickey told him about the Frank Barnes dilemma and Bunchy being in jail. Like Lena, Daryll thought the solution was to take out Barnes. Mickey said he had done enough damage, but Daryll thought it was time to double down and they started tailing Barnes.

Movie Industry Contacts to the Rescue

Ray put in a call to a special effects artist named Gustavo. He met up with Ray, Avi and Lena and they shot a video that made it look like Ray shot Avi to death. Avi was given a fake passport out of the country with his ultimate destination being Colombia. He said his goodbyes, telling Ray how the fake passports they made were like death sentences. No one they ever gave one to came back. Wasn’t that the point? Ray told him to never come back. Ray then met up with Barnes and showed him the video. Barnes asked where Avi’s body was and Ray claimed it was in the trunk of his car. Yes, yes, Barnes could have demanded a look at it but he didn’t. Ray told him Mickey and Daryll were outside in a car and when he locks Mickey up, Daryll has to be allowed to walk.

Frank Barnes called Mickey, told him Avi was dead and set up a time where he would give Mickey the Primm file, adding Mickey better come alone or he wasn’t getting it. Daryll went with Mickey anyway. You could see what was coming when Mickey got out of the car and laid his gun down on the front seat but it was still a great scene. Barnes claimed the file was in his trunk. Mickey didn’t want to go near the trunk because he’d had “some bad experiences with trunks lately.” Barnes produced a pair of handcuffs from the trunk, told Mickey to put his hands behind his back and began reading him his rights. “I’ll sing,” Mickey threatened. Barnes pulled out his gun and just when he had it pointed at Mickey’s head, Daryll shot him in the head! He sank to the ground with a big hole in his head. His blood was splattered all over Mickey’s face.

Mickey: “You killed him”
Daryll: “Yeah,”
Mickey: “He’s the head of the FBI”

Not anymore. And Ray can be as mad as he wants to be but Daryll is a grown man and did not have to go with Mickey. Also, if that Primm file wasn’t in the trunk, someone is still going to have to get it somehow.

Terry Comes Clean

Meantime, Ray went home and got a proper “thank you for helping me” from Natalie James. After they had sex, he got a call from Terry asking Ray to meet him right then. Terry told Ray that he could no longer blame Bridget for Abby’s death because he was the one who gave Abby the drugs that killed her. After a sharp intake of breath, Ray punched Terry in the face so hard it knocked him off the stool. It might have been better if Terry had just stayed in New York and wrote Ray a letter. We would have liked to see Ray read it while Natalie was sleeping in his bed after they had sex.

What Diaper Bag?

Bunchy watched Dime Bag come into the prison cafeteria and went over to talk to him. Dime Bag laughed at Bunchy, claiming he didn’t know jack about a robbery at Railhead Subs. He was in for stealing copper wire. He called Bunchy an “orangutan” and “monkey boy.” When it got a little hectic, they were ordered away from each other. Out in the yard later, Bunchy threatened Dime Bag with IDing him to the authorities. All the others who were forcibly robbed would only be too happy to back that up. Dime Bag continued scoffing until Bunchy started to approach the officer on duty. Dime Bag said as he recalled, Bunchy never gave up his pin and he didn’t know anything about a diaper bag. It slowly dawned on Dime Bag that there must have been a lot of money involved that his partner Freddy wanted all for himself. He further deduced that Freddy called in his warrant. Later, while Bunchy watched a Natalie James film, Dime Bag introduced himself and said people called him that because they can’t pronounce his real name– Duquesne Baker. Bunchy said he was known as “El Trebol.” Dime Bag decided to call him E.T. for short. Just then, a guard came in and called out “Brendan Donovan,” telling Bunchy he was free to go. He stopped to ask Dime Bag how to spell Duquesne. Outside, Bunchy went straight to the bail bondsman across the street to post Dime Bag’s bail.

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