Turd Ferguson Reappears on Jeopardy!

Who can forget contestant Talia Levin and her famous “Who is Turd Ferguson” response in Final Jeopardy in the 9/16/2015 match?

Jeopardy! had a first round category called “SNL CRACKS US UP” today (7/8/2016) and Turd Ferguson made an appearance in the $600 clue. Here are all the clues from the category, showing which player asked the right question:

($200) Andy Samberg played this “Ted” actor as he “talk to animals” on “SNL”; say hi to your mother for me, okay? (Pam)

($400) Musician Will Ferrell let us know, “If Bruce Dickinson wants more” this, “we should probably give him more” this! (Bonnie)

($600) Norm MacDonald created “Celeb. Jeo.!” to get his impression of this man on “SNL” & yes, Turd Ferguson is a funny name (Mike)

($800) This late, great man was the anal retentive chef, whose pepper steak needed “17 1/3 oz. of lean beef cut into 43 pieces” (Mike)

($1000) In 2015 “SNL”, & specifically this actress, cracked up Ryan Gosling as she described her abduction by aliens (Pam)

The links in the clues go to videos of the sketches. For the player’s answers (all given in the form of a question, of course), click on show

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