Shameless Quotes: Survival of the Fittest

Here are some quotes from the Season 3 Finale of Shameless, Survival of the Fittest. The recap is over here.

Julius: Public defender, need a defense
Frank: God gave you the race card for a reason, Julius. Play it.
Debbie: Did Fiona and Jimmy break up?
Lip: I guess the good thing about falling for Mickey Milkovich is you always can find someone better.
Debbie: Oh, so it’s fine for me to be an adult when it comes to saving this family from losing its house by falsely accusing a relative of molesting me but when I wanna know where we’re going to be living for the next year, then I’m just supposed to be a kid and keep my mouth shut, right?

Frank: You’re not Morgan Fairchild?
Dr Markman. I’m Dr. Markman and you’re not dead. But you will be soon if you don’t stop drinking.
Frank: The technical term is “withdrawal”. I like the word “parched”.
Dr. Markman: You need to stop drinking.
Frank: Spare me the sermon.

Kev: Diplomas are overrated. I didn’t get a diploma and look at me.
Fiona: I’m just pissed I wasted two years of my life.

Prof. Hearst: Teachers are taking bets on what’s next for you, Gallagher. College: 10 to 1. Prison: 4 to 1.
Frank: Attention, denizens of this dump, because my progeny has joined the ranks of the graduated.

Fiona: I was wondering if you’ve seen Jimmy lately?
Dr. Lishman: Any sign of conflict of things not going his way, he just disappears…. it’s what he does.

Ian: Promise you’re not going to use it on anything human.
Carl: Cats aren’t human.

Kev: Once you go white, you always stay tight.

Frank: I remember the first time I brought you here.
Lip: F*ck you. You never took me skating.
Frank: Alcohol provides clarity.

Beto: He wanted you to have this. The man who lived here with you.
Fiona: Did he say anything else?
Beto: Yes. He said you were too good for him. He has moved on. Now so must you.

Frank: Three raw eggs, Worcestershire and a sliver of ginger. It works every time.
Fiona; The doctor talk to you, Frank?
Frank: Yeah, stop drinking, blah blah blah, stop drinking, blah blah blah.
Fiona: Be the fabulous narcissist that you are and do it for you.
Frank: What if I don’t want to change?
Fiona: Then I will always know what I always feared is true.
Frank: What’s that?
Fiona: That you don’t give a sh-t about any of us.

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