Sanford and Son Christmas Carol

A lot of TV series do Dickens’ Christmas Carol, and Sanford and Son was no exception. Regular stars of the series that show up in ‘Ebenezer Sanford” include; Fred Sanford (Redd Foxx); Lamont (Demond Wilson); Aunt Esther (Lawanda Page): Rollo (Nathaniel Taylor); and Fred’s friend, Bubba (Don Bexley) and Fred’s fiance, Donna Harris (Lynn Hamilton).

Eric Laneuville, who played Ronnie Small in this episode, also played the adopted son of Aunt Esther and her husband, Woodrow, in several other episodes. Esther’s guitar playing landlord was played by Herb Ellis, who was a well-known jazz guitarist. Mr. Ellis passed away this year on March 28th from Alzheimer’s Disease at the age of 88.

Best Lines:

Esther: You don’t upset me, Fred Sanford, I have the spirit of Christmas!
Fred: And the face of Halloween.

Lamont: You know, you are Scrooge. This is just like that story, Christmas Carol.
Fred: What the Dickens are you talking about?

Fred: Who are you? The Spirit of Liberace?

Spirit of Christmas Future: This is your future, Fred Sanford.
Fred: That’s me? All alone? No son … no friends?
Spirit of Christmas Future: And do you know why?
Fred: No deodorant?

One thing we get a kick out of is how it’s hard for Demond Wilson to keep a straight face in a couple of parts when Redd Foxx delivers his line, even though he must have known the line was coming. Redd was just a funny guy.

Demond Wilson, who has been an ordained minister since 1984, has written a behind-the-scenes account about Sanford and Son, entitled “Second Banana: The Bitter Sweet Memoirs of the Sanford and Son Years,” which he says was written “with candor, pathos, and uncanny revelation.” The book is available on, and you can even order an autographed copy.

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