Ray Donovan Recap of “Sold”

Are we still felling sorry for Ray Donovan now that we know he hopped in the sack with Natalie James while Abby was suffering from chemo treatments? If not, the flashbacks in the fourth episode of Season 5 (“Sold”) probably won’t mean much. These were flashbacks to events that occurred before last week’s flashbacks. Ray was taking Abby to the “best oncologist,” the one who treated Ezra Goldman, which was not exactly a recommendation as far as Abby was concerned since Ezra died. While Ray remembered, he was packing Abby’s clothes and plastering up that hole in the wall and calling Deb to see if her out-of-town buyers were still interested in buying his house.

In New York, Bridget was sleeping with Smitty. They took a bath together and smoked weed in the tub. Bridget made Smitty laugh with a dirty limerick she learned from Abby. Then Bridget decided to tell him about her father. She said that Ray covers up crimes for famous people and commits some himself. Smitty was very confused about what all that had to do with anything. Bridget told him that she thinks Ray had something to do with Smitty getting sick with meningitis because Ray wanted him to be disqualified from the trial treatment so that Abby could take his place. Smitty was just blown away by that heinous revelation. He got up, grabbed a towel and left the bathroom. The next time we saw Bridget, she was outside looking all forlorn. She left Smitty a message that she effed up, and should have told him– earlier, we presume. Why she thinks she should have told him at all, we have no clue.

Bunchy’s Costly Sandwich

In the beginning of the episode, we saw a couple of armed junkies pull up to a sandwich shop called Railhead Subs. They forced the counter clerks, Ben and Ian, into the back, put on their clothes and proceeded to rob everyone who came in. Bunchy was, in the meantime, getting ready to become the owner of the storage facility. He had his whole settlement in cash in a safe in his home. Harriet told him that this was not a drug deal and he should take that money to a bank and get a cashier’s check. Bunchy loaded all the cash into Maria’s diaper bag and headed to the bank. He decided to stop and get a sandwich first and the junkies hit the mother lode. They also hit Bunchy with a gun and knocked him out. When the next shift came in, the police were called and Bunchy felt like an even bigger loser and fool when he couldn’t convince the cops that the thieves got away with 1.2 million dollars in a diaper bag.

You’re here to give me my 34 minutes back? ~ Marty Randell

Mickey finally found Marty Randell, the guy who savaged his “Four Leaf” script. He tried to reason with Marty to change his recommendation and even put some cash on the barrelhead. Marty was too high and mighty and refused to be bribed because his power is in his objectivity. So Mickey decided to show Marty where his power is and proceeded to slap Marty around. Mickey ended up being held by security and Daryll had to beg Lena to get the security guard courtside tickets to the Clippers/Cleveland game at $3,000 a pop to get Mickey out of there.

“It’s a great big ocean and a very tiny sensei” ~ Mickey Donovan

Daryll got a call from the film star and martial artist, Jay White, while he lectured Mickey in the car. Jay was on the verge of a breakdown after accidentally beheading his sensei, Shoota, during training with a samurai sword. At Jay’s home, Daryll took in the scene and ran outside to vomit. Mickey went in and sized up the situation. He calmly took control, telling Jay that half the job was already done since the sensei’s head was already cut off. Mickey went to work on the rest of the corpse and they took the body parts out in buckets and dumped them all in the deep blue sea. But not before a cop took a selfie while Jay sat in the car and said the movie line Jay is most famous for: “The check’s in the mail.”

Before tossing the samurai sword overboard, Mickey told Jay that Shoota was the professional who put the razor sharp weapon in Jay’s hand so what happened was the sensei’s own fault. Back at Jay’s mansion, Mickey said whatever deal Jay may have going with Daryll, it doesn’t include his services. Jay asked what he owes and Mickey plopped his “Four Leaf” script into Jay’s hands. Now he’s got a big star attached to his script.

Frank Barnes wants Mickey to kill Avi!

Bunchy and Terry were commiserating about their luckless lives at “Abby’s” when Mickey and Daryll came in. Mickey was the only one who was in a fine mood now that he’s got a big star attached to his script. Frank Barnes came in and asked Mickey what he thought he was doing. “You were supposed to get it done,” he said. “I’m not killing Avi for you, Frank,” Mickey replied. Frank opened up a folder that he had with him and showed Mickey the photos from the Primm heist: Sylvie Starr, Wild Bill, Larry the bodyguard and Algoma, Bill’s nanny. (We know Mickey killed Wild Bill and Larry). Frank said when Las Vegas called about this, he buried it but if he goes down because of Avi, this will be the first thing that comes up. Bunchy will be questioned and that “half-wit” won’t last 5 minutes before he cracks. Barnes told Mickey where Avi will be at the Spearmint Rhino Gentlemen’s Club at 11:00 the next morning and Mickey better get it done.

Other plotlines:

Damon’s father recently got out of prison and showed up at the gym. Terry saw the kid give this unknown man (to him) money and demanded to know what was going on. Terry wasn’t happy about this and Damon wasn’t happy about Terry butting in his personal business. Terry was also not happy that Damon went off to have dinner with his father.

Tom, one of the fixers from the season premiere showed up at Ray’s home for a talk. Ray went to see Sam Winslow to find out what Tom has on her. She explained that she was responsible for the death of her daughter, Ainsley. She was driving drunk, very drunk, and got in an accident that killed her child. Tom took care of the situation, turning Ainsley’s death into a tragedy instead of a crime. Ray said he would take care of Tom and left Sam to drink the rest of her wine.


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