Supporting Cast of Goodbye Beautiful: Ray Donovan

Here are some of the actors who appeared in “Goodbye Beautiful” (8-21-2016), Episode 9 of Ray Donovan’s Season 4. The episode recap is here.

Chris Coppola as Larry in Ray Donovan

You should have taken the money, Larry. Now you’re dead.

This was the last time we will see Paula Jai Parker as Silvie Starr and Chris Coppola as Larry, Bill Primm’s bodyguard. Right before Larry shot Silvie to death, Mickey Donovan offered to give him a cut of the 4 million in the safe. Unlike Sylvie, Larry was steadfastly loyal to Bill Primm so he didn’t take Mickey up on that offer. That decision cost him his life when Teresa ran in behind him and whacked him with the guitar Mickey picked up at the pawnshop. So it wasn’t just “Goodbye Beautiful.” It was also “Goodbye, Larry.”

Emma Vicera as Algoma

Algoma’s not as simple as we think.

Mickey was mistaken that Algoma (Emma Vicera) can’t hear or talk. Remember when she ordered an Egg McMuffin for breakfast. We also saw her get out of the wheelchair in this episode. What remains for us to find out is how much she saw. She may have been so fascinated by Bunchy’s swimming lesson story that she missed the whole shootout.

Michael McGrady as Frank Barnes

Frank Barnes went looking for Ray

Michael McGrady returned as FBI agent Frank Barnes. He was following Ray Donovan in his car and stopped him to find out what he knew about a murdered customs agent. That was really Vlad’s handiwork and the first Ray heard about it. The last time we saw Frank, Ray showed up to blackmail him for a judge’s address and Frank wasn’t too happy to see Ray. Now it’s Frank who’s looking for info. He must be assigned to break up the Russian art ring.

Embeth Davidtz and Mila Brener in Ray Donovan

Cover your ears, dear. Mommy has to talk about murder.

Mila Brener played Katya, Sonia Kovitzky’s daughter. It was funny how Sonia thinks the kid won’t know what’s going on if she tells her to put in her earphones when she needs to talk about a shady deal or even murder. It was partly because of Katya that Ray decided to help Sonia flee from her uncle, so she’s not an orphan yet. But Sonia has terminal cancer so even if her uncle doesn’t get to her, there’s that.

Michael J. Barry, Steven Bauer, Gabriel Mann in Ray Donovan

How is Ray gonna get Avi out of this?

Raymond J. Barry played Sonia’s uncle, Dmitri. After Avi was beaten senseless by four of his henchman, he called Ray demanding Sonia in exchange for Avi’s life. But Sonia flew the coop with Ray’s help so what does he have to negotiate with to save Avi’s life? Well, there’s the millions that Mickey and Bunchy just brought back from Primm. If it won’t work for ransom, maybe he can use some of the money to hire some professional help. Just speculating… surely, we’re not going to have another shootout like last season with the Armenians.

More notes:

  • Ray and Avi got a bunch of stuff out of storage and burned it up despite strong warnings from Avi that you get rid of your feelings, not evidence. When Ray denied being a soldier, Avi told him not to fool himself. The ID and other stuff shown being incinerated belonged to Ray’s abuser, Father Danny.
  • Besides Silvie and Larry, it was also goodbye to Richard Brake’s character Vlad in this episode. Even if Lena didn’t do him in, he was already on Dmitri’s hitlist, so he was a goner either way.
  • Before Sonia flew off to safer surroundings, she asked Ray why he helped her. Why didn’t he just kill her? That was pretty ridiculous. Why would you go to someone’s house for help if you even thought there was a possibility that the person would turn around and kill you? But Sonia is a weird one. In the midst of all these dire circumstances, she wanted to make small talk about 1973’s Battle of the Sexes that happened when she was four years old. Let’s not even go into her idea of small talk with Abby Donovan!
  • Abby refused to go to Boston to protect herself from the Russians. She agreed to send the kids to a safe place but reminded Ray that she’s not the “little woman” anymore. She killed a man. That occurred in Episode 3 when this guy broke into the Donovan home with murder and mayhem on his mind. Now Abby feels qualified to take on the Russian mob.
    the sinister man

Main Cast:
Liev Schreiber – Ray Donovan
Paula Malcomson – Abby Donovan
Eddie Marsan – Terry Donovan
Dash Mihok – Bunchy Donovan
Steven Bauer – Avi
Katherine Moennig – Lena
Pooch Hall – Daryll
Jon Voight – Mickey Donovan

Also in Goodbye Beautiful
Alyssa Diaz – Teresa
Embeth Davidtz – Sonia Kovitzky
Ted Levine – Bill Primm
Ismael Cruz Cordova – Hector Campos
Lisa Bonet – Marisol Campos
Gabriel Mann – Jacob Waller
Tom Wright – Punch
Dominique Columbus – Damon
Tara Buck – Maureen Doherty
Alisa Vilena – Lilya
Floyd Vanbuskirk- Pawnbroker
Kaiwi Lyman-Mersereau – Photographer
Austin Priester – Hector’s Bodyguard

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