Preempted First Round Clues from Jeopardy! 10-28-16

For anyone who got preempted for an important message you already knew about, these Jeopardy! clues were all played after the first commercial break on October 28, 2016, and before the second round.


($400) “T.P.A.T.P.” by Mark Twain

($600) “B.D.” by Stephanie Meyer

($800) T.S.A.R. by Ernest Hemingway

($1000) T.P.P. by Charles Dickens


($600) Here’s one artists rendering of this Ancient Wonder
$600 Jeopardy! clue Garden Party (10-28-16)

($800) Though the palace was destroyed in 1871, this Parisian garden remains a beloved historical landmark

($1000) Seen here, his water garden was a constant source of inspiration
$1000 Jeopardy! clue Garden Party (10-28-16)


($600) This diamond-shaped pattern named for a Scottish clan’s tartan is popular for socks
$600 Jeopardy! clue Master of Socks (10-28-16)

($800) Sometimes held in a gym, it’s a shoeless school dance

($1000) Tabi and flip-flop socks have this unique feature


($200) Despite the name, these clubs used for long shots, like the driver are now usually made of metal or composite

($400) It’s the only one of golf’s Grand Slam tournaments that’s held at the same course every year

($600) A golfer marks a scorecard with 2 numbers per hole if he has one of these, such as 20

($800) This biennial cup has pitted Europe’s top golfers against America’s best since 1927

($1000) With 5 wins in 27 tournaments, this American was the top-ranked men’s golfer of 2015

The regular recap is here and even more clues are here


Jeopardy! tweeted video of Julia’s chat segment where Alex offered to invest in her future lunch truck business. She will primarily serve dumplings (mmmmmm!) and call it The Dump Truck:

Meghan talked about her unusual middle name. Her parents made it up from the first names of her grandmothers: Dorothy (Happy Birthday!) and Florence. Whenever Meghan complained about it, her parents would say “It could have been Florothy.”

Ken related how he helped pass legislation to protect manatees while working for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife agency. He was the primary author of the regulations that created low speed or “no wake zones” in Florida to help avoid manatee-boat collisions. Alex Trebek said the manatee was one of his favorite animals. (Remember his favorite favorite is the musk ox).

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5 Responses

  1. rhonda says:

    Thanks for adding the chat notes, VJ. Julia is very sweet, glad that she won, although I do admire Ken for his work in helping to protect the manatees.
    Also, you made an interesting point about Juliet “Capulet”. and being married to Romeo at the end of the play.

    • VJ says:

      You’re welcome. I liked Meghan’s chat story too. Her portmanteau middle name came up during the same week we had a portmanteau in FJ

  2. rhonda says:

    Thanks again, VJ, for all of your hard work.

  3. jacob ska says:

    Thank you vj.