Platoon: 1986 Best Picture

“Platoon” and “A Room with a View” had the most nomination (8) at the 59th Academy Awards, but the Best Picture and Best Director Oscars went to “Platoon”, along with Best Sound and Best Film Editing. The other Best Picture contenders were “Children of a Lesser God”, “Hannah and her Sisters” and “The Mission.”

Best Actor went to Paul Newman in “The Color of Money” and Best Actress went to Marlee Maitlin in “Children of a Lesser God”.

More Oscar-nominated films from 1986: “Aliens”, “Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home”, “Top Gun”, “Crimes of the Heart”, “Peggy Sue Got Married”, “Hoosiers”, “Little Shop of Horrors”, “Round Midnight”, “Salvador” and “Crocodile Dundee”.

“The Karate Kid Part II”, “Back to School” and “The Golden Child” were box office hits that received no Oscar nominations. “Howard the Duck” won Worst Picture at the Razzies and was later nominated in 1990 for Worst Picture of the Decade (but that went to “Mommie Dearest”).

Jeopardy! clues on “Platoon”
THE OSCARS $400: For 1986 this director’s film won a whole “Platoon” of Oscars
YOU’RE NOT ON THE LISZT $1200: Heard here, “Adagio for Strings” was prominently featured in this 1986 Best Picture Oscar winner
OF WAR $1200: Johnny Depp & Forest Whitaker have supporting roles in this Best Picture Oscar winner from 1986
ACTING THE PART $400: As the evil Sgt. Barnes in “Platoon”, this actor mirrored the dark side of Charlie Sheen’s soul
INNOCENT $1600: The tagline for this 1986 multiple Oscar-winning film was “the first casualty of war is innocence
MOVIE ACTORS $400: (Hi, I’m Francesco Quinn of The Young And The Restless.) I played Rhah the drug king in this Oliver Stone film that won the 1986 Best Picture Oscar
THE FILM VAULT $600: As Chris, a middle-class kid, this actor saw war close up in the 1986 film “Platoon”

More 1986 film clues:
COLORFUL MOVIES $1000: A girl named Andie & a boy named Steff are characters in this 1986 John Hughes film
TOUCHÉ $600: In this 1986 film Sean Connery as Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez instructs Connor MacLeod in swordplay
THE FLOP $1600: This 1986 George Lucas film was fowl, costing a then-whopping $37 million & making back less than half domestically
DYSFUNCTION JUNCTION $400: Never mind the Sex Pistols, this punk couple found life after death as a 1986 feature film
ALBUMS $800: The soundtrack to this 1986 Molly Ringwald film includes OMD’s “If You Leave” & the title track by the Psychedelic Furs
OF MICE & MEN $1600: Nehemiah Persoff voiced Papa Mousekewitz in this 1986 film
’80s MOVIE MEMORIES $600: Brownsville, Oregon was cast as Castle Rock in this 1986 film about 4 boys on a trek for a dead body
ENTERTAINING STATE CAPITALS $2000: In one of her first big-screen roles, this actress played Lady Jane Grey in a 1986 film
COMEDY OF ERRORS $1000: 1986 film in which Bette Midler exclaims to Helen Slater, “I’m being marked down… I’ve been kidnapped by Kmart!”
THINK PINK $800: This 1986 Molly Ringwald film got its name from a song by the Psychedelic Furs
“AMERICAN” MOVIES $600: A Russian immigrant mouse named Fievel Mousekewitz is the hero of this 1986 animated film
BASKETBALL MOVIES $1000: Gene Hackman coached a small-town Indiana high school team right to the state championship in this 1986 film
COLLEGE MOVIES $400: As Thornton Melon, this comedian goes “Back to School” in a 1986 film to earn respect for himself & his son
JAZZ IT UP $2000: This Thelonious Monk composition provided the title for a 1986 jazz film starring Dexter Gordon
HELLO, NEWMAN $800: Paul won an Oscar for this 1986 film in which he reprised his role of Fast Eddie Felsen
JENNIFER $500: She gave notice as Jeanie Bueller, Ferris’ cranky sister in a 1986 film
“BLUE” MOVIES $100: The dark side of sunny suburbia comes to the surface for Kyle MacLachlan in this kinky 1986 film
REPRISE $200: On film she reprised the role of action hero Ellen Ripley in 1986, 1992, & 1997
SMALL-TOWN CINEMA $200: Hickory, Indiana’s basketball team goes all the way to the state championships in this 1986 film
STEPHEN KING $400: King’s story “The Body” was the basis for this 1986 film
FAMILY FILMS $400: Mia Farrow, Dianne Wiest & Barbara Hershey are the title characters in this 1986 Woody Allen film
THE FILM VAULT $1000: Stephen King not only wrote the script for this 1986 film about possessed machinery, he directed it
MEG RYAN MOVIES $600: A pilot’s wife in 1986’s “Top Gun”, Meg joined the military in this 1996 film
“DREAM”Y SONGS $500: In the 1986 film “Blue Velvet”, Dean Stockwell performs a lip-synched rendition of this Roy Orbison hit
SHAKESPEAREAN ACTORS $600: In 1986 she played Portia in “The Merchant of Venice” onstage & starred in the film “Aliens”
JEFF GOLDBLUM FILMS $300: Jeff tests himself in a matter transporter machine with not-so-good results in this 1986 horror film
WILLIAM HURT FILMS $200: In this 1986 film William Hurt picked up on all the signs Marlee Matlin was giving him
“HEART”Y PHRASES $1000: In this 1986 film, Clint Eastwood plays a Marine sergeant who prepares young recruits for the Grenada invasion
DOUBLE TALK NAMES $1000: Richard Pryor played this title character in a 1986 film; his life was calling
FUNNY WESTERNS $200: Chevy Chase, Steve Martin & Martin Short played reluctant Western heroes in this 1986 film
HONG KONG CINEMA $400: This “Face/Off” director started the craze for Hong Kong gangster films with 1986’s “A Better Tomorrow”
ERIC STOLTZ WAS IN THAT? $1000: There was a lot of buzz when Eric starred in the 1989 sequel to this 1986 Jeff Goldblum film
SALLY GOES TO SPACE CAMP $300: Sally’s interest was sparked by the 1986 film “Space Camp” with this “Caroline in the City” star
“COLOR” MOVIES $400: In this 1986 film Tom Cruise laughed all the way to the bank shot
BILL PULLMAN FILMS $400: Pullman made his debut as the world’s “dumbest crook” in this 1986 Bette Midler-Danny DeVito film
MOVIES ABOUT THE MOVIES $200: In this “M*A*S*H” star’s 1986 film “Sweet Liberty”, he plays a professor whose historical novel is filmed
TOM CRUISE FILMS $800: Tom hustled pool as Paul Newman’s protege in this 1986 film
TV & FILM SAXOPHONISTS $1000: This 1986 film earned a best actor nomination for tenor sax great Dexter Gordon
MOVIE RELATIVES $400: Mia Farrow, Dianne Wiest & Barbara Hershey were the title siblings in this 1986 Woody Allen film
THE MOVIES $500: This 1986 Rob Reiner film starring River Phoenix & Corey Feldman was narrated by Richard Dreyfuss
“TOP”s $100: “Take My Breath Away” was the Oscar-winning song from this 1986 film
“BLUE” MOVIES $500: Isabella Rossellini sang the title song, an old Bobby Vinton hit, in this 1986 film
MOVIES $300: Kathleen Turner fainted after she was elected queen of her high school reunion in this 1986 film
THE MOVIES $400: 1st paired in 1947’s “I Walk Alone”, their latest film together was 1986’s “Tough Guys”
KIND OF A DRAG $800: In 1986 film, this “St. Elsewhere” star found himself in “A Fine Mess” dressed as a maid
FICTIONAL BOYFRIENDS $300: Lea Thompson, bedding down with this “boyfriend” in a 1986 film really bedded “down”!
THE ACADEMY AWARDS: He was nominated for 8 Best Actor Oscars, including one for a 1961 film; his only win came for its 1986 sequel

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