Final Jeopardy: 7-28-14 to 8-1-14

Here are the Final Jeopardy questions and answers for the week of July 28, 2014, with links to the full recaps. This was the last week of the 2014 Teen Tournament and the last week of Season 30.

Mon, July 28 – Correct answers: 2
Its principal mast is at Arlington, its foremast is at the Naval Academy & a monument to it, restored in 2013, is located in Havana. show

Tue, July 29: Correct answers: 2
In Spanish & French, the word for Friday comes from Latin for “day of” this goddess. show

Wed, July 30 – Correct answers: 3
Matthias Schleiden found plants are made up of these; at dinner he told Theodor Schwann who said, hey, so are animals. show

Thurs, July 31 – Correct answers: 1
This novel is dedicated to Esther Earl who died of thyroid cancer at 16 & never got to read it. show

Fri, Aug 1 – Correct answers: 3
There were no winners for this award from 1939 through 1943; in 1944, it was won by the International Committee of the Red Cross. show

This week, there were no triple stumpers in FJ and two triple solves, one on the last day of the semi-finals and the other in the second final match.

Jeff Xie and Alan Koolik finished in a tie at $54,200 and a tiebreaker clue was correctly answered by Jeff. He won the $75,000 top prize. “I knew that I had to get the Final Jeopardy! clue right, and when Alan also gave the correct answer, my jaw dropped because I knew we were tied,” Jeff said. “When the tiebreaker category – The Civil War – was announced, I was excited because history is a strength of mine. When I saw “Shiloh,” I knew the answer, and the rest, quite fittingly, was history.”

Alan won $54,200, more than double the guaranteed second prize of $25,000; and Cooper won $31,200, more than double the guaranteed third prize of $15,000.

Jeopardy! uploaded the Final Jeopardy and Tie Breaker Clue from Friday’s game and it is now on the recap.

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3 Responses

  1. Eric S says:

    Crazy that the FJ on Thursday was the same correct response as a DD from last year’s semi-final (which VJ linked yesterday) which, oddly indeed, included both finalists Nilai Sarda and Leonard Cooper.

    • VJ says:

      It’s something I have noticed from time to time after I started doing those clues from 2 years ago, that they start recycling around 2 years.

      PS – I ran a little short of 2 years ago because of video DDs. That’s why I had to go to 3 years on the last two posts.

      • Eric S says:

        Yes, but last year! It’s kind of a curveball that way. I think this year we’ve seen an increase in interest of game theory because of AChu and a study of anticipated taping dates by J.Julia. Jennifer won a few and spends time on jboard. I think this, in retrospect, validates j-archive (Go Nomi!). I think that it would be funny as where Alan said he had read the book, someone said they had read it on j-archive, although I don’t believe the writers would agree.