Final Jeopardy: 6-16-14 to 6-20-14

Here are the Final Jeopardy questions and answers for the week of June 16, 2014, with links to the full recaps.

Mon, June 16 – Correct answers: 3
This noun meaning a secret plan comes from the Latin for “to breathe together” show

Tue, June 17: Correct answers: 2
His “spinal column was curved”… the “head was between the shoulder-blades” and… one leg was shorter than the other”. show

Wed, June 18 – Correct answers: 2
Established by Congress in 1798, it’s the oldest continuously active U.S. professional music ensemble show

Thurs, June 19 – Correct answers: 1
Founded in 1908, this big company was removed from the S&P 500 in 2009 after filing for bankruptcy but returned in 2013. show

Fri, June 20 – Correct answers: 1
in 2001, the names of these two breeds came together in the new official name of a Canadian province. show

This week, returning champ, Katie Frank lost her bid to be a 3x champ on Monday when she finished second, so her total winnings were $38,600 from last week plus $2,000 this week. Then we had a new champ every day. Navy JAG, Paige Ormiston had the biggest haul, winning $32,200 on Tuesday. There was only one day all 3 players got FJ! right but at least somebody got it right every day, unlike last week.

Here is the “On the Wheaties Box” category from Friday’s game, including the part from the chat segment that explains Alex Trebek’s remark after Brian named a man for a Wheatie Box that featured a woman. Friday’s FJ provided another funny Brian moment and that’s in here too.

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