Final Jeopardy: 6-9-14 to 6-13-14

Here are the Final Jeopardy questions and answers for the week of June 9, 2014, with links to the full recaps.

Mon, June 9 – Correct answers: 0
It’s the only UN member country in the Mediterranean where English is an official national language. show

Tue, June 10: Correct answers: 0
As a humorous tribute, an astronomical term equivalent to at least 4 billion has been named for him show

Wed, June 11 – Correct answers: 0
Ending in the same 2 letters, these 2 are capitals of a nation that covers a continent & of a nation reaching onto 2 continents show

Thurs, June 12 – Correct answers: 2
George Romero declined to direct a few episodes of this series, calling it “basically… just a soap opera.” show

Fri, June 13 – Correct answers: 0
William Sullivan retired from the Foreign Service in 1979. He was the last ambassador to this country. show

This week, Molly LaLonde continued her reign for 2 more games before being defeated by Darren O’Connor. Katie Frank defeated Darren ($30,200 — top haul of the week) and went on to win Friday’s game by keeping more money than anyone else in with a Final Jeopardy that stumped ’em all! What a rough week for the players in Final Jeopardy! it was. Thursday was the only day there were correct responses.

Here are the triple stumpers and Final Jeopardy from Tuesday’s game, which was a double stumper when there were only 2 players left in Final Jeopardy! There’s also a ruling in this one on “wizarding and witchcraft.” If you click on that link, you’ll see that Jason is far from the only person who thinks that — there’s even a facebook page by that name.

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5 Responses

  1. TR says:

    I’m not the best player. I sometimes miss clues that a lot of people would consider easy. But these FJs just weren’t hard enough to justify the contestants going 2/14…

    • vj says:

      I don’t think I noticed when I watched the game that the Inverted Jenny clue already had the word “plane” in it. (third clue in video)

      • eric s says:

        Yes, but it didn’t say airplane. It could have been an inclined plane (inverted inclined Jenny plane), a Great Plain (inverted great Jenny plain), or a plainclotheswoman. Just joking btw. The response “what is an airplane” was classic. This dude clearly ate too much nutmeg before the show. (I think that he was the one from Connecticut).

    • eric s says:

      By the way TR, and I hope that you read this, thank you for your candor in saying that you sometimes don’t give the right answer. I am the same way.

  2. eric s says:

    Lol. The only correct responses ALL WEEK referred to zombies.