Final Jeopardy: 11-10-14 to 11-14-14

Here are the Final Jeopardy questions and answers for the week of November 10, 2014, with links to the full recaps. This was the first week of the 2014 Tournament of Champions with 5 quarter-final matches.

Mon, Nov 10 – Correct answers: 2
This is the only state that honors a former U.S. Secretary of State with his own legal holiday.

Tue, Nov 11: Correct answers: 2
As of 2013, this 3-letter verb common in sports, theater & politics has the largest entry in the online OED. show

Wed, Nov 12 – Correct answers: 2
The 3 Latin phrases found in the Constitution are “pro tempore”, “ex post facto” & this legal 2-word phrase. show

Thurs, Nov 13 – Correct answers: 1 (out of only 2 players left for FJ)
These 2 islands that begin with the same letter are linked by the 33.5 mile Seikan rail tunnel, the world’s longest in operation. show

Fri, Nov 14 – Correct answers: 3
In an 1893 opera that was its composer’s greatest success, Peter & Gertrud are the parents of these 2 characters. show

All of these players won $5,000 this week. John Pearson, Andrew Moore, Rani Peffer, Jim Coury, Drew Horwood, Sarah McNitt

These semi-finalist are returning next week: Ben Ingram, Arthur Chu, Joshua Brakhage, Terry O’Shea, Jared Hall. These wild card winners are, too: Rebecca Rider, Julia Collins, Sandie Baker, Mark Japinga

From yesterday’s game: Jared gets the whole time to think out his response. Sandie doesn’t.

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