Final Jeopardy: British Kings

Today’s Final Jeopardy question (6/7/2017) in the category “British Kings” was:

Bearing Roman numeral I, he subdued Wales & was called the “English Justinian” for his legal reforms.

2x champ Chantelle Schofield has now won $32,402. In her third game, her opponents are: Phyllis Gilbert, from Blakely, GA; and Bala Kumar, from Pittsburgh, PA.

Round 1 Categories: Business Names – Common Bonds – Historical Fiction – Original “Sin” – Name the Capital – The Basketball Hall of Fame

Chantelle found the Jeopardy! round Daily Double in “Historical Fiction” under the $800 clue on the 12th pick of the round. She was in the lead with $3,200, $2,200 more than Phyllis in second place. She bet $1,500 and she was RIGHT.

“The Painted Girls” brings to life this artist’s model for “Little Dancer Aged Fourteen” show

Chantelle finished in the lead with $8,900. Bala was second with $3,800 and Phyllis was last with $1,000.

Round 2 Categories: Play Dough – 13-letter Words – Houses of Worship – Real People in Song – The Element – Of Surprise

Phyllis found the first Daily Double in “Play Dough” under the $1,200 clue on the 7th pick. She was in third place with $1,800 at this point, $7,500 less than Chantelle’s lead. She bet $1,000 and she was RIGHT.

The title of this David Mamet play refers to a valuable nickel & the plot to steal it. show

Bala found the last Daily Double in “The Element” under the $800 clue, with just one clue left after it. In the lead with $15,800, he had $900 more than Chantelle in second place. He bet $900 and he was RIGHT (and looked like he wished he’d bet more).

“C” if you can guess this element that follows boron on the periodic table. show

Bala finished in the lead with $16,700. Chantelle was next with $16,500 and Phyllis was in third place with $2,400.

Only ONE of the contestants got Final Jeopardy! right.


Edward I (House of Plantagenet) ruled England from 1272 to 1307. He is most commonly known by the nickname Edward Longshanks, a reference to his height, but Factacular tells us he had many other sobriquets: Hammer of the Scots, Scotland’s Scourge, Father of the Longbow, the Warrior King, the Father of the Mother of Parliaments and, the one in today’s clue– the English Justinian.

Phyllis picked Henry I (nickname: Beauclerc). She lost everything but a dollar.

Chantelle had the same response. She lost her $16,250 bet, leaving her with $250.

Bala got it right. He bet a whopping $16,300 and became the new Jeopardy! champ with the winning total of $33,000.

Final Jeopardy (6/7/2017) Chantelle Schofield, Bala Kumar, Phyllis Gilbert

A triple stumper from each round:

PLAY DOUGH ($2000) Fagin shows Oliver how to “get some untaxed income” in this felonious song

HOUSES OF WORSHIP ($800) A Baha’i temple in Wilmette is considered one of the Seven Wonders of this state

2 years ago: TWO of the players got this FJ in “Historic Quotes”

During the 1976 Pres. campaign, Ronald Reagan said of this: “We built it, we paid for it, it’s ours and we are going to keep it.” show

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7 Responses

  1. Marilyn says:

    If Chantelle had been right and had bet it all, she would have tied Bala. He should have bet $1 more than he did. Actually, Chantelle should have bet just enough to have more than Bala and hope he was wrong. So they both made wager mistakes, but it did not matter since only Bala had correct FJ.

  2. Lou says:

    Chantelle was a bit off her game today but still it was a valiant effort. Congrats to bala on getting the lone solve. I wonder if we would have a repeat big payday tomorrow for Bala just like Hunter Appler did in his games, VJ?

  3. aaaa says:

    52/61 here. They completed all the clues despite a Clue Crew category on today’s episode(Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Mass.). Bala wagered for the tie if CHantelle went all in, which didn’t happen as CHantelle didn’t quite go all in but she didn’t get FJ! right anyhow.

  4. Dalton Higbee says:

    Another big payday today.