Final Jeopardy: Toys

Today’s Final Jeopardy question (4/27/2017) in the category “Toys” was:

When it was first marketed in the late 1970s, this toy was given the Hungarian name “Buvos Kocka”

3x champ Alan Lin has now won $64,800. He’ll be back tomorrow with even more if he can defeat these two players today: Troy Steinmetz, from Santa Clara, CA; and Jennifer Fuquay, from San Antonio, TX.

Round 1 Categories: From Page to Screen – Old Jobs – Kinda Sciencey – Cake Talk – Sports – Not on the Periodic Table

Alan found the Jeopardy! round Daily Double in “Old Jobs” under the $1,000 clue on the 12th pick of the round. He was in second place with $1,400, $2,000 less than Troy’s lead. He made it a true Daily Double and he was RIGHT.

A tipper was a specialized fletcher putting metal tips on these. show

Alan finished in the lead with $7,400. Troy was second with $6,000 and Jennifer was last with $1,000.

Round 2 Categories: Roman Britain – A TV Guide – Regarding Henry – 4-Syllable Words – “O” Behave! – Almost There to the State Capital

Troy found the first Daily Double in “State Capital” under the $1,600, with 11 clues left after it. He was in second place with $11,200 at this point, $3,800 behind Alan’s lead. He bet $5,000 but just couldn’t get a lead on it so he was WRONG.

The 2 capitals with the complete names of months within their names. show

Alan found the last Daily Double in “Regarding Henry” under the $1,600 clue, with just 4 clues left after it. In the lead with $15,400, he had $7,600 more than Troy in second place. He bet $2,000 and took a guess with Henry the Navigator. That was WRONG.

His determination in exploration got him the Congolese nickname Bula Matari. show

Alan finished in the lead with $14,600. Troy was next with $8,600 and Jennifer was in third place with $3,000.

TWO of the contestants got Final Jeopardy! right.


The History of the Rubik’s Cube began in 1974 when it was invented by Erno Rubik, a professor of architecture in Budapest: “The first cubes were made and distributed in Hungary by Politechnika. These early Cubes, marketed as “Magic Cubes” (or “Buvos Kocka”), were twice the weight of the ones available later.” A big hit in Hungary, it took some doing to bring the cube to the rest of the world’s attention because the country was behind the Iron Curtain. In 1979, Ideal Toy Company took on the task renaming the puzzle “Rubik’s Cube.” Since its international launch in 1980, it’s been estimated that that one in seven people alive have played with a Rubik’s Cube.

Rubik’s Cube World Records: The quickest solve in the first official Rubik’s competition was Ronald Brinkmann’s 19 seconds in 1982. The current record of 4.73 seconds is held by Feliks Zemdegs of Australia.

Jennifer didn’t have a response. She bet and lost it all.

Troy got it right. He bet $6,001, bringing him to to $14,601.

Alan also got it. He bet $5,000 and won the match with $19,600. His 4-day total is $84,400.

Final Jeopardy (4/27/2017) Alan Lin, Jennifer Fuquay, Troy Steinmetz

2 triple stumpers from Double Jeopardy!

A TV GUIDE ($1,200) John Turturro has problems with his feet & Riz Ahmed has problems with the law on this HBO show based on a BBC show

REGARDING HENRY ($2000) This colorful mobster whose life inspired the movie “Goodfellas” died nonviolently in 2012

2 years ago: Only ONE of the players got this FJ in “World Cities”

According to the U.N. statistics, it is the most populous city in the Americas not attached to the mainland. show

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10 Responses

  1. Richard Corliss says:

    Troy is full of reactions today.

  2. jacob ska says:

    Nice going Alan. Keep it up. Congratulations.

  3. Chris B says:

    What was the secret word of the night? I missed tonight’s episode

  4. Louis says:

    Another amazing play from Alan. He is on a roll now. If he can keep this up he might surpass Arthur chu or andrew pau. I used to play the Rubik cube a lot though it was challenging to solve. VJ, did any of your children ever solved that cube puzzle and if so, how,many moves were used?

    • VJ says:

      @Lou, nah, in the 80s, my boy was into G.I. Joes, Master of the Universe, Transformers and stuff like that and my oldest daughter liked Strawberry Shortcake, She-Ra etc. The Rubik’s Cube wasn’t even a thing by the time my youngest was born.

      LINK: 11 more clues from this match