Final Jeopardy: Nations of the World

The Final Jeopardy question (3/9/2017) in the category “Nations of the World” was:

A 2011 report said the citizenry of this country included a total of 32 women.

New champ Annie Marggraf won $20,000 yesterday. In her second game, her challengers are: Serena Kay Tibbitt, from Miami, FL; and Rachel Moyer, from Charlotte, NC.

Round 1 Categories: Auditions for a New Mustache – Movie Title Pairs – Brand Names: First & Last – Scien-“T”ific – Straight – Narrows

Rachel found the Jeopardy! round Daily Double in “Scien’T’ific” under the $800 clue on the 12th pick of the round. She was in the lead with $2,200, $400 more than Serena in second place. She made it a true Daily Double and she was RIGHT.

The annual cycle of a moose’s antler growth is controlled by this hormone: remember, only the bulls have antlers. show

Rachel finished in the lead with $8,600. Annie was second with $2,000 and Serena was last with $1,800.

Round 2 Categories: Patches – ’90s R&B Hitmakers – Dialects – Literary Awards – Nixon’s Enemies List – The “N” Zone

Annie found the first Daily Double in “Nixon’s Enemies List” under the $800 clue on the 2nd pick. She was in second place with $2,400 now, $6,400 behind Rachel’s lead. She made it a true Daily Double and only got one right so she was WRONG.

3 newspapers made the list: the St. Louis Post-Dispatch & these 2 others. show

Annnie found the last Daily Double in “Literary Awards” under the $2,000 clue, on the 16th pick. In third place with $5,600, she had $5,800 less than Rachel’s lead. Undaunted, she made it a true Daily Double again. This time, she was RIGHT.

Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. won 2 National Book Awards for nonfiction for books about each of these 2 brothers. show

Rachel finished in the lead with $16,200. Annie was next with $15,600 and Serena was in third place with $8,600.

Only ONE of the contestants got Final Jeopardy! right.


On March 1, 2011, a new “Law concerning citizenship, residency and access” to Vatican City went into effect. It was signed by Pope Benedict XVI about a week earlier. Vatican reporters released some statistics that were published in various media outlets. The Sun Herald’s article, “Only 32 Females Vatican City, says: “Out of the 572 citizens with Vatican passports, there are 306 diplomats, 86 Swiss guards, 73 cardinals, 31 lay people and a nun.” Oddly enough, that breakdown only adds up to 497, so what category the other 75 fell into must be one of the secrets of the Vatican.

The Holy See Press Office updated these figures on 12/31/2011, showing 594 Vatican citizens with a breakdown that did add up to 594, but without specifying genders.

Serena came up with Tuvalu. She lost her $8,599 bet and had a buck left.

Annie got it right. She went all in and finished with $31,200.

Rachel wrote down Saudi Arabia. She lost $15,001, winding up with $1,199. So Annie remains the champ with a 2-day total is $51,200. We will be seeing her again tomorrow.

Final Jeopardy (3/9/2017) Annie Marggraf, Rachel Moyer, Serena Kay Tibbitt

A triple stumper from each round:

BRAND NAMES–FIRST & LAST ($1000) Richard Liebeskind started this women’s clothing store in New Haven, Connecticut in 1954

NIXON’S ENEMIES LIST ($1600) Defense Dept. analyst Daniel Ellsberg was an easy choice– he released these documents in 1971

2 years ago: This was the well-known match with only Kristin Sausville left to play this FJ in “Government Agencies”

On Aug. 15, 1994, 59 years and 1 day after FDR signed the original act, Bill Clinton made this an independent agency. show

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14 Responses

  1. Diane Dahy says:

    Rachel is an example of poor sportsmanship, which is Rarely exhibited on jeopardy.

  2. Teri says:

    I agree Rachel was a total sore loser! I’ve never seen anyone look so sour at the end, even when Alex shook her hand!

  3. jacob ska says:

    Annie is gutsy and has a nice personality. The fact that she is smart doesn’t hurt either. What a champ.

    Congrats Annie!

  4. Glen Houghton says:

    That Rachel looked like she bit into lemon after she got the wrong answer in final Jeopardy

  5. VJ says:

    Just think! Annie got wiped out 2 clues into the last round and still gave it all she had when she got her next chance. I really did not think she would win because I thought everyone would get this FJ but I was still going to give her major kudos for that comeback. So even more kudos to Annie. What a champ!

    LINK 11 more clues from this match

  6. RSmith says:

    What was wrong with Rachel Moyer. It seemed she had a sour attitude throughout the whole game? Even Alex mentioned something when she came across one of the daily doubled in the first round.

    • Elle says:

      I thought the same thing! What a sore loser she was!

    • VJ says:

      Maybe she was upset with herself at the end for misunderstanding the clue, but I don’t think she had an attitude throughout the game.

      Alex just said she didn’t look happy about getting the Daily Double, which is hardly the first time he has ever said that to a player. I would not look happy if I got the DD in a Science category. I wouldn’t even be in that category, to tell the truth, unless it was my turn and it was the last pick on the board. lol

    • rhonda says:

      I think she was nervous and uneasy about being on the show. I know I would be a complete mess and would want to leave during the game lol.

    • Marcus E. says:

      Getting a Daily Double isn’t always a happy thing BUT, she was hopping around so she must have been fishing for them. The girl who was terminally ill during December shows was in a better mood than her!

  7. Lou says:

    So happy to see Annie making a comeback in the second round. Will see if she can win her third game tomorrow. I should look up the population for Saudi Arabia to see how many of them are Arabian though.

  8. VJ says:

    Sorry, from now on the extra clues will be up later. It was never my intention to put these clues up so people can fool other people into thinking they know responses to clues that they otherwise would not know.

    I like to put them up for folks who were not able to see the game or want to see something about the hardest clues, that’s all.