Final Jeopardy: World Capitals

Today’s Final Jeopardy question (11/3/2017) in the category “World Capitals” was:

The world’s highest intl. airport at an elevation of over 13,000′, serves this South American capital city.

New champ Monica Ashar won $12,800 yesterday. It’s Ladies Day (or Night, as the case may be) in the last game of the week and today’s challengers are: Nicole Jarvis, from Seattle, WA; and Kara Chandler, from Berwyn, IL.

Round 1 Categories: The Handmade Tale – Books & Authors – Musicals’ Opening Numbers – Alphabet Soup When You’re Sick – Mississippi – “Hold” Glory

Kara found the Jeopardy! round Daily Double in “Mississippi” under the $1,000 clue on the very last pick of the round. She was in the lead with $7,200, $3,800 more than Nicole in second place. She bet $2,000 and thought it was Chickamauga. That was WRONG.

Sadly, of the 17000 Union soldiers buried in the national cemetery at this battle site, 75% are listed as unknowns. show

Kara finished in the lead with $5,200. Nicole was second with $3,400 and Monica was last with $1,200.

Round 2 Categories: Out on the Town in the 1600s – Idioms, Annotated – “R” Movies – Thank You, Senator – An Excellent Question – I Take the Fifth

Kara found the first Daily Double in “the 1600s” under the $800 clue. There were 12 clues still to go after it. She was in the lead with $11,600 at this point, $2,600 more than Nicole in second place. She bet $1,000 and she was RIGHT.

I got a deal on a bouquet of these flowers since the market for them just crashed in 1637. show

Kara found the last Daily Double in “Idioms” under the $2,000 clue, with just 5 clues left after it. In the lead with $16,200, she had $6,400 more than Nicole in second place. She bet $2,000 and guessed merchants. That was WRONG.

Saying they raised “customers”, Adam Smith called the English “a nation of” this profession. show

Kara finished in the lead with $16,200. Nicole was next with $9,800 and Monica was in third place with $9,200.

NONE of the contestants got Final Jeopardy! right.


El Alto International Airport, which is 8 miles west of Bolivia’s capital city, La Paz, is not the highest airport in the world, but it is the highest international airport. Wikipedia’s list of world’s highest airports has 10 international airports on it. Not including ones that are closed, 9 are in South America and one is in Mexico.

Monica picked Santiago. That cost her $7,001 and left her with $2,199.

Nicole came up with Quito. She lost half of what she had, finishing with $4,900.

Kara also went with Santiago. She lost $3,401. The $12,799 she had left made her the new Jeopardy! champ. We won’t be seeing Kara again until November 20th. For the next 2 weeks, we will all be watching the long-awaited Tournament of Champions.

Final Jeopardy (11/3/2017) Monica Ashar, Kara Chandler, Nicole Jarvis

A triple stumper from each round:

BOOKS & AUTHORS ($800) This blockbuster novel by William P. Young about a spiritual journey was made into a 2017 film

I TAKE THE FIFTH ($2000) I take the 5th of May off work to celebrate the victory under this Mexican president in 1862

2 years ago: ALL of the players got this FJ in “Children’s Lit”

As she arrived at the house of her new employer, “the wind seemed to catch her up into the air and fling her” at the door. show

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11 Responses

  1. Becci says:

    I’m wondering what happened to the Top 4 (which are in China)? El Alto is in 5th.

  2. Lou says:

    How do these ladies not know south American capitals? I mean this is seriously easy. I know another airport in China that is big. The Beijing capital airport using PEK as the airport code. Don’t you agree, VJ? I’m not sure what to say here but still we had a similar south American clue and yet no one got it. I’m guessing more studying is needed. Plus what is famous in Vicksburg, VJ?

    • VJ says:

      @Lou, they did know South American capitals, they just picked the wrong ones. Here’s a link to a page about Vicksburg attractions.

      LINK: 11 more clues from this match

      Mucho thanks to my son who got up from his nap to help me with this recap. You’re the best, sonnyboy :)

  3. William Weyser says:

    In my opinion, I find it ironic that earlier this week, we had an all-guy affair on Halloween Night, and all 3 guys got Final Jeopardy! RIGHT. Yes, an easy Final Jeopardy! clue, but still, and tonight, we have an all-girl affair, and all 3 girls got Final Jeopardy! WRONG. Ladies, I’m not gonna say it in front of your faces.

    • Cece says:

      And your point is, William.

    • rhonda says:

      I imagine he was saying that the men got a simple final jeopardy and the ladies got a super difficult one?????

      • Cece says:

        Thanks, Rhonda. :) And he forgot to mention that all 3 guys also got their responses spelled RIGHT.

        I just fail to see the need for the sexist comment and hope he would enlighten me.

        • VJ says:

          well, it was just a cockamamie comparison. (lol — see how I worked that word in?)

          I don’t think William’s intent was to be sexist. I mean, if the two panels played against each other with the same question (whether the Letter Perfect one or this one), I think it would be okay for me to say “Ladies Rule” if the women won. But the playing field has to be level.

  4. Dalton Higbee says:

    I wonder what kind of quality picture are you gonna put up?

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