Clue Watch: Sly Stone

Sylvester Stewart aka Sly Stone hasn’t shown up on Jeopardy! since 2008. That year, he got two clues and before that, there were clues about Sly & the Family Stone every two years, more or less.

12/02/2008 BEFORE & AFTER $800: Dynastic “Everyday People” singing group that subdivides into paleolithic, mesolithic & neolithic periods
10/02/2008 ALL IN THE “FAMILY” $600: Sly’s musical partners
01/26/2007 YOU MUST BE FROM DALLAS $800: It was a “family affair” whenever this Dallas-born soul man got the crowd to “Dance To The Music”
12/03/2004 GROUPS $400: “Affair” is common to Sly Stone & Brian Keith
10/14/2003 MISHEARD LYRICS $800: Sly & the Family Stone: “It’s a Family of Bears”
05/27/2003 SOUL $2000: It was all in the family when this soulful act took the song “Family Affair” to No. 1
02/06/2001 ROCK & ROLL JEOPARDY! $600 (Daily Double): This interracial soul group got “Everyday People” to “Dance to the Music”
03/17/2000 THEY’RE STONED $300: Stewart is the real last name of this man, the head of an interracial soul “family”
03/31/1999 PEOPLE $200: The leader of rock & roll’s Family Stone
03/03/1997 SOUL & FUNK MUSIC $400: He was a disc jockey on San Francisco’s soul station KSOL before teaming on records with the Family Stone

Here is a video of Sly Stone singing “Everyday People” with Welsh singer Tom Jones on The Midnight Special back in the day.

Tom Jones was last seen in a June 2014 clue in a category called “K-Rock.” My, my my, Sir Tom! You got a $2,000 clue: “With help from the Art of Noise, Tom Jones remade this Prince song.” In a May 1999 match, an entire category was devoted to Tom in the first round.

Sly Stone was in the news earlier this year when a jury awarded him $5 million in a royalty lawsuit. Tom Jones is always in the UK news. He was a judge on the The Voice UK until very recently, when he was replaced by Boy George with very little notice.

We bet Tom Jones himself would approve the reappearance of Sly Stone on the Jeopardy! board. Somebody tell the cluewriters: don’t retire Sly.

Sly Stone Quotes:

  • “Different strokes for different folks” (“Everyday People” 1968)
  • “Stand! You’ve been sitting much too long. There’s a permanent crease in your right and wrong.” (“Stand!” 1969)
  • “Don’t hate the black. Don’t hate the white. If you get bit. Just hate the bite.” (onstage intro)
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2 Responses

  1. VJ says:

    Bingo! In the first round of the 12-14-15 game: $1,000 NEW MUSICAL SUPERGROUPS: Sly & The Airplane

    Katie Price was killing that category but Sam managed to get this one, the first clue he answered and he got it right.

    RIP: Original group member Cynthia Robinson passed away 3 weeks ago.

  2. VJ says:

    Another note: Sly and The Family Stone have 4 songs on Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time, and 3 albums on the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time (2 of them in the Top 100)