Bieber’s Not Going for 16th Chapel Look

Justin Bieber celebrated the release of his new album by getting a big BELIEVE tattoo on his arm, and believe it or not, David Letterman tried to rub it off. “Eh, eh, eh, eh,” Bieber yelled, pointing out that the tattoo was new. Letterman noticed all the “eh’s” and Bieber said it was the Canadian in him.

That wasn’t the only Canadian reference — when Letterman tried to explain to the young lad why he dislikes tattoos metaphorically, he brought up murals and the Sistine Chapel. The audience howled when it became obvious that Bieber — fresh off a tour that went through Italy, mind you — didn’t even know what the Sistine Chapel is! He said he wasn’t going for the “sixteenth chapel look” and didn’t seem to have any idea what the audience thought was so funny.

“Canadian high school,” Letterman quipped.

Tweeters had this to say:

Jess:Justin Bieber’s parents probably should of included an education w/his singing career. #sixteenthchapel #16thchapel

John Taulbe Jasper: how u gona claim to be a devout christian and then say the sixteenth chapel? #sistine

Landon Ashworth: A day after getting a #BELIEVE tattoo, #JustinBieber referred 2 the #Sistine #Chapel as the Sixteenth Chapel. Believe me, #stayinschool kids

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